CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT!! Today you’ll discover my three favourite abdominal exercises, and none of them involve lying on your back, curling your shoulder blades up off the ground or doing situps. These exercises are the Ab Wheel, stability ball Jackknife and the Mountain Climber. Also, you may choose to do these exercises in circuit fashion for a powerful ab workout that doesn’t put any stress on your low back. Now, for the ab wheel, rest on your knees and begin in the upright position. Rollout and then squeeze your abs to come back up. From there, move immediately into the jackknives. So, with your elbows on the bench and your feet resting on the ball, keep your body in a straight line and brace your abs. Next, bring your knees into your chest, and then back out. Instead of placing your elbows on the bench, you can easily do this exercise by placing your hands on the ground. You can also add in some variations of the stability ball jackknife, including the 1-Legged Jackknife and the stability ball jackknife rotation. For the rotation, simply bring your knees up and in to one side and then switch to the other side. The final exercise is the Mountain Climber with a x-body rotation. So, staring from the push up position, then bring yoru knee up to your opposite arm, alternate sides. So those are my favourite abs exercises you can do in a circuit to burn fat and get ripped abs. Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training and TTMembers shows us
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  1. davidfreilich says:

    @12kicks yeah man, 4 weeks out and I’m already seeing differences. A great ab set!

  2. PrinceOfPersia1996 says:

    How many reps of each? At the moment I’m working at 200 sit ups every second night, but they’re getting boring, will this be a suitable change?

  3. i am starting the pole shift survival group.
    let me know if you are interested.

  4. I like this very effective

  5. marchantal9 says:

    The Ab wheel is too often overlooked and it is an excellent tool !!! Thank you so much for sharing all this precious info !!!

  6. how many sets and reps should I do? of each…

  7. vivalosbanditos says:

    Thanks! I’ll try this for sure. :)

  8. funny thing is he says this wont put stress on lower back, It’s what it actually will do, especially on fatasses, and most people are fatasses.

  9. MikePedersenGolfTips says:

    You motivated to dust off my ab roller!

  10. TheNightMaiden says:

    Thanks for posting this vid! I was glad to see that I already have both an exercise ball and an ab-wheel–which I never knew how to use properly. I want to get that six-pack, and it’s great to see interesting, rigorous exercises that I can do in my own home without getting bored! (Standard crunches are sooooooo boring. x_x)

  11. cbathletics says:

    Hey all…Glad you enjoyed the exercises!

  12. the sound quality is better in this video =)

  13. concretejunglelive says:

    i did every thing this guy did, nd it works good

  14. nice video! thanks alot it was very helpful!

  15. Great Video!

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