Six Pack Abs?

Question by hey_its_just_me_161784: Six Pack Abs?
What is the best way to get sick pack abs, without paying money for gym Equipment, and without having to go to gyms. Excersices you can do at home.

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Answer by saw8907
sit ups. just get something to hold down your feet and holding in your stomach all the time might make it not as bulgy.

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  1. layzeexiv says:

    start with 20 sit ups. in 2 days, do 25. in 2 more days, do 30.

    keep up the pattern, and u should build some pretty neat abs in like 2 months.

  2. c_mason25 says:

    First of all not every body has the genetics for six pack abs. Some people can only get 4 to show other can get 8. First thing is first, Diet is very important. A good cardio workout to trim away the excess fat surrounding your abs. And finally a good ab work out. Their are hundreds of ab exercises, the key to keep your abs growing is high reps and lots of sets with little rest between sets also try keeping your ab workout about 20 minutes long (keep it intense). Try doing 4 different ab work outs a week. Some easy ones to do are crunches, side bends, leg lifts, flutter kicks. I cant think of all the names but keep in mind variety is key. Also learning some simple Martial Art kicks are awsome for your abs, Like roundkick or side kicks

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