Six Pack Abs Diet Discover the secrets of building six pack abs with this amazing video and diet. Get six pack abs
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  1. xShotgun1414x says:

    im only 14 and i get alotta cardio as it is but im still confused on my diet and stuff. like what foods specifically should i eat?

  2. 12319dakota1 says:

    what is resistance training?

  3. eaglefly0823 says:

    Hey…the person in the pic has 10 packs…

  4. If you intake alkaline foods, it burns off fat (acid) quick too. Cayene pepper is the bomb – ph 9 and increases bloodflow and increases metabloism.

  5. Eeveefan100 says:

    i eat healthy and excerise a lot. im addicted to excerising i do it everday

  6. dietforsixpack says:

    Great information thanks!

  7. Shamrocks9823 says:

    is it for free


    Hi, i am trying to lost some weights now , how can i know the percentage of my bodyfat??? Thanks

  9. xfitnessmaster says:

    If you’re in the military you’re probably getting in and of cardio as it is. If you have access to resistance bands or free weights I would include a workout 3 to 4 times per week.

    Because of the type of training you’re doing in the military — you cannot cut back on carbohydrates as much.

    Therefore increase your p

  10. xfitnessmaster says:

    Pre-workout means before your resistance training workout not before a cardio workout.

  11. xfitnessmaster says:

    If you’re a man you must get your body fat level to at least 8%percent bf , if your woman your body fat must be below 12%. So to answer your question depends on how quickly you can get your body fat reduced.

    1 pound is equal 3500 calories.

  12. xfitnessmaster says:

    Thank You for the kind remarks. I’ve posted some new videos that are referenced in the P90X program. Visit my website where you will find additional information on how to get six pack abs.

  13. xfitnessmaster says:

    U take a pre workout drink…before you weight training for resistance training NOT before you do cardio. The best results from cardio are to do it on an empty stomach. Some people drink a cup of coffee before they do cardio because coffee in itself increases the metabolic effect.

  14. wurmboy11 says:

    carbohydrates, like bread, potatoes, pasta etc

  15. WolvesSouthBankLad says:

    im 17 i way just over 9 stone im not fat at all but i still dont have a 6 pack ive been doing crunches for quite some time now but nothings happening grrrrr. it sees this is for fat people only :(

  16. RockAndRollaEmo says:

    hey can anyone explain what carb means?

  17. pisshole16 says:

    i think this is proper.
    I have a 4 pack and can never seem to reveal my lower abdominals…
    It says no butter or oils and fast food in here and i have all three..
    I’m an ectomorph. so i can’t gain fat easily bcuz of my fast motabilism.. but i see now why it’s so hard.

    This should work for you guys, so take the time to try his out and tell us how u went.

  18. MxnBabyDoll says:

    oH MY God!! Thanks for the very detailed info..

    I have faith that this will work..
    8 Weeks is N O T H I N G!!

    Im gonna give it a try!!

  19. msoldier55 says:

    how the hell do you keep your carbs low when everythin you eat has carbs?

  20. i am in the military and thus I have to run 3 miles 3 days a week. what can i do to follow this diet while still being forced to do the Air Force mandatory run?

  21. it help to get lean muscle

  22. fullofhate77 says:

    At 3:09 there is a contradiction. It says to eat 20-35g of carbs pre-workout, but then, it goes on to say that the best time for cardio in this phase is in the morning on an empty stomach. Which is it?

  23. fullofhate77 says:

    At 3:09, there’s a contradiction. It says the best time for cardio is in the morning on an empty stomach, but right above it it says to take in 20-35g pre-workout. Which is it?

  24. hypnos315 says:

    Well if your suppose to do cardio on an empty stomach how exactly do you eat 20-35 grams pre workout 50-75 grams post workout and 30-40 grams of carb in the morning????

  25. redevil858 says:

    so quick question can i eat cheese, some bread, mustard or ham bcuz at skool they serve all dis fat nd da only healthy things are a deli sandwhich nd i know these things are fat but there also good 4 u so should i eat it once a day or like how many times a week???

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