Six Pack Abs Fast – Two Main Things to Get a Six Pack

View all recipes here: Facebook: Twitter: In this video I talk about the two most important things that are required in order to get the six pack abs. It’s all about getting your body fat to a low percentage so you won’t have that layer of fat covering your abs. Everyone has abs, you just have to get the body fat low enough to be able to see them! Music by: Kevin MacLeod – Rock Hybrid, Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” http
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  1. MarkRyanNZ says:

    good video dude, time to loose that fat´╗┐ layer ­čśÇ

  2. scapestrato34 says:

    You are right dude! I started doing that
    routine 2 weeks ago and lost a lot´╗┐ of flab.
    I so love its workout also cause it
    gives me motivation to have perfect
    abs. Anyway, you mispelled the site
    name. It should be:

  3. @rocker3264 Everybody has a´╗┐ six pack they just need to stop hiding behind the fat…

  4. rocker3264 says:

    you really dont look like´╗┐ someone that would have a six pack >_>

  5. MYP90X2011 says:

    dude i have 7% body fat i went from 19% body fat about a year ago and i´╗┐ still cant see my abs i can see my lower abs and upper abs but not to good in the mid region :(

  6. Holla! Have you heard about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some unbelivable things about´╗┐ it and my auntie got hot Six pack abs and lost tons of belly fat with it.

  7. Multicolaboy says:

    I just´╗┐ drank my last soda, time to get a six-pack

  8. solaymanbadsha says:

    Oh hey! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some amazing´╗┐ things about it and my friend lost tons of weight with it.

  9. kevluvzchips says:

    All the haters come on these videos and bitch about how this guy shouldn’t be giving people advice on getting ripped… then they go to his´╗┐ channel and shut up pretty quickly! Hilarious.

    Keep the videos coming! I think your recipe videos are cool, but i really like the ones where you give advice.

  10. MacPr0xnxx0 says:

    whats the perfect diet t0 lose b0dy´╗┐ fat?

  11. roosterkassie1654 says:

    Love´╗┐ Cardio!!!!!

  12. okay here’s the thing:
    im 6ft and weigh 75.5kg. my total body fat percentage is 12%. not´╗┐ bragging, but im strong. ive been exercising on an off for about two years. some of the stuff i can do is pretty hard, such as 100 push ups in a row, 20 pull ups in a row, bicep curls with 16-18kg, yet i do not look impressive what so ever (unless ive been working out and im all pumped). i dont diet, so im starting to think thats the problem, but i would expect to be bigger anyway wihtout it. what do i do?

  13. jasielnikka says:

    u should really try on getting ripped before making´╗┐ videos cus i dont see ur workouts working on u!!!

  14. XxBakerxX72 says:

    You can hardly tell you’re ripped with shirts on lol.´╗┐ Either way, your recipes and tips are awesome

  15. If you are young and constantly in motion(work a physical job´╗┐ and work out a lot) you can out work a bad diet. I looked like I lived in a concentration camp throughout my teen years and I couldn’t buy a few pounds. Working on a farm kept me skinny no matter what I ate.

  16. is muay thai a good cardio workout? I’ve been attending to classes for nearly a month´╗┐ now. ­čśÇ

  17. is it me or´╗┐ does dat guy look like ron weasley???

  18. 6´╗┐ guys r really jealous!!!!!

  19. do i still need to have diet though i’m skinny???
    but though i’m skinny i have belly!´╗┐

  20. RationalTheism says:

    You’re a really´╗┐ nice guy.

  21. Boogers4dinner says:

    I’ve been trying to get a 6 pack for´╗┐ years. Never got the shit.

  22. gasgasadam says:

    @OHHwelovemusicTOO he’s talking´╗┐ about definition you retard

  23. RippedRuba says:

    Just a tip, you might want to refer to the “dieting” as a meal plan because your “diet” consists of what you eat everyday. Not bashing, just saying people tend to stay away from “diets” when really they just need a plan that has healthy/beneficial meals i.e.´╗┐ meal plan.

  24. GetSixPackAbsFree says:

    Thumbs up who thinks belly fat is annoying as hell!!!´╗┐

  25. cardio and dieting,´╗┐ wtf u gonna do bout the ginger hair man lol

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