Six Pack Abs in Just 4 Minutes!

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  1. ItalianBlackheart123 says:

    @frankboase2 thanks for being honest..but to tell you the truth my 9 hour workout paid off :)

  2. frankboase2 says:

    @ItalianBlackheart123 Yes

  3. mikk3gzr3 says:

    hey man,
    how long would you think it would take to get a 6 pack for a 13 year old? you can see a little bit of muslces on my stomach but no blocks or anything

  4. Th30th3r0nl1n3G4m3r says:

    not very burning….maybe a minute not 30 sec

  5. manuknapatai says:

    @ItalianBlackheart123 not sure man but hopefully u r doing all those workouts properly and with intensity because if u dont u are and were wasting 9 hours of your life at gym everyday or weekends for nothing.

  6. Ulpathilirium says:

    @manuknapatai Sorry that wasn’t me. My stupid brother -.-

  7. Sve je istina brte svaka cast!! 😀

  8. manuknapatai says:

    @Ulpathilirium LOL~ u got it wrong man. not to blame tht guy but u yourself.

  9. ItalianBlackheart123 says:

    I work out 9 hours a day at Gym…is something wrong with me??

  10. amitdaniely1 says:

    guysss ! all the legs thing was easy for you? try put a chair on your legs and than try 😀 almost imposibble !

  11. aquamike22 says:

    Yes, you can certainly WORK your abs doing these exercises…but nothing really defines and tones them like a solid diet…If anything, cardio and a good diet really brings out the six pack.

  12. @osdude007 Thats true for most muscle groups but the abs are the fastest recovering muscles in the body so an ab workout a day is grand

  13. osdude007 says:

    are you SURE we should do this EVERYday? I’m asking cause most fitness instructors advise not to workout the same muscle group for more than 3-5 days a week.. and definitely not more than 2 days in a row.. Please Clarify :)

  14. works for me

  15. @pinkpinkie67

    Everybody has abs, you just have to get your body fat percentage to around 10%

  16. parekoysBSP says:

    My abs felt harder but is there supposed to be a balanced food eating thing

  17. pinkpinkie67 says:

    I don’t see my abs.

  18. dbqpo0oqpdb says:

    does it really?

  19. BigTimeJohn75 says:

    I have a flat firm stomach but for the longest while have been trying to get abs help

  20. blackhawk438 says:

    I accidently got in shape……now I’m fighting to keep it.

  21. MrGangsterwolf says:

    I accept the challenge but how long shall do this a month-4 month or how long time?

  22. Yetanotherobserver says:

    I could use a six pack right now…

  23. atmosphir007 says:

    @lerxt42 we are not same -.-! 😀

  24. @cmacca3596 Yea pure fat AND pure muscles.

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