Six Pack Abs Meal: Chicken Quesadilla (Part 3)

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  1. jazzeyma25 says:

    wow!!…i just subscribed…love alot of your recipes …very creative….im trying to make food with more healthy ingredients…this helps alot…becuz i see food thats good for you can make really yummy meals.thank u…will be watching .

  2. shenll722 says:

    you have some really great recipes, I plan on trying almost all of them…. keep up the great work :)

  3. jahazielechenique says:

    Can some explain to me why we can’t eat alot of salt?

  4. jimihendrixismydad says:

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  5. rahimuddinism says:

    hey hey! Have you considered – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  6. irene4561 says:

    iam so happy i found you cause to be honest i didnt know what to cook that is healthy …people diet and they think salads,,,ugh! iam tired of that but iam startinfg my healthy living on monday nov 21,11 i know to close to the holidays but iam ready for my life to change and iam being putting my healthy aside …..its time for me to change my ways to a better healthy me,, i wanna thank you for your ideas i will keep you posted on my progress and i will follow you …..good job : keep it up

  7. leanbodylifestyle says:

    Please give the video a like if you don’t mind! I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate it.

  8. DanJinMusic says:

    how many portions is this?

  9. BillyBobTS says:

    @jaywillia2 Would probably be more worried about the sodium in the cheese than the calcium. Although to be honest sodium really is a short lived negative it’ll get washed out of your system within a couple days so unless you’re planning on having your shirt off for some body building competition and don’t want to look like you’re retaining some water it’s not that huge a deal… to my knowledge 😉

  10. EmbedOnEdge says:

    Badass homie. That’s what I’m taking about!!!! Finally I can enjoy the foods that I love with less calories. Mahalo and Aloha!!!!

  11. jaywillia2 says:

    I made my version of this a few days ago before I saw this video. dont be afraid of cheese. calcium is great for fat loss. it helps get ur stored fat out of the cells and ready to be burned. otherwise these things are very good and easily tweakable to make them high carb low fat or high fat low carb.

  12. diavolo474 says:

    Great recipe, I’ll have a look at the rest….

  13. Helle1dscu says:

    Aiiiii, im gona try this , blend a chicken Haha…

  14. Why do you blend the chicken?

  15. SaugaTricks says:

    Powerbalance is just another gimmick. Bracelets don’t release magic energy “stored” in the body or make you stronger. Training and a good well-rounded diet does.

  16. SaugaTricks says:

    That’s the first legitimately yummy looking thing I’ve seen you make. Usually I think it’ll taste weird until I try it. It’s probably the cheese lol

  17. angel11811 says:

    porwerbalance?? XD

  18. Damjan1000 says:

    @leanbodylifestyle I saw you have a powerbalance bracelet in this video. I just wanna know if they are worth the money and if they work? or are the just a rip off. Thanks a lot bud.

  19. Sausheaven says:

    Great recipes, esp from the health point of view! Thanks for uploading…I appreciate the ingredient info on quick fixes. Great work!!!

  20. I really like the idea of shredding the chicken…you could add the shredded chicken to breakfast too…chicken/egg fritata! Thanks for the video!

  21. @runlildoggy Since you just came out of  a cave…..welcome to the internet….. where you can watch videos about what people make.

  22. allnurmouth408 says:

    fuck he forgot the xl drink from mcdonalds . get me a orange fanta

  23. LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

    his also a chef! :)

  24. LRMMcDonnell says:

    @runlildoggy what’s funny about that?

  25. XxBakerxX72 says:

    I think i might try this with some salsa!

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