Six Pack Abs Meal: Easy Breakfast (Part 1)

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  2. sry, but onions in the morning doesn’t feel like breakfast to me xD

  3. HowToDo92 says:

    u r freaking awesome dude. thanks for posting all these great recipes.

  4. Harrma456 says:

    Sick moves brah! I’m going to eat this now, but I’ll cook mine by stove O_o

  5. cyclesomewhere says:

    Storing onions in the fridge helps a lot with “crying” when you chop them. Or, put a bowl of water next to the far side of the cutting board (away from you). The gases from the onion are looking for water and they’ll head towards the bowl that’s closer, not your eyes.

  6. mohsen7bob says:

    @leanbodylifestyle subscribed :)) keep it up

  7. leanbodylifestyle says:

    Please give the video a like if you don’t mind! I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate it.

  8. swcworldbd says:

    Alright there! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my auntie got amazing 6 pack abs and lost lots of belly fat with it.

  9. cassandragrace86 says:

    a great idea if you can’t find the frozen onions and peppers is to make your own, just spend some time ( maybe on a sat morning and chop an entire onion, maybe some garlic and whatever peppers and veggies you like throw it in a freezer bag and freeze for the weeks breakfasts. By the way I love this breakfast video and like you said a pan works too, not like you have to use the microwave

  10. dracula19148914 says:

    You are one healthy master-chef !

  11. @lifeisallalboutbalan What idiot told you pan has more vitamins than microwave?

  12. Nurmomspntees says:

    Your doing a great job. Keeping it simple n healthy. Keep it up :-)

  13. dockersguy1 says:

    That actually looks pretty darn good. I’m going to try that for breakfast. Thanks!

  14. sourgreen1 says:

    Is eggnog the same thing as egg beaters????

  15. sourgreen1 says:

    Is eggnog the samo

  16. i think i have to buy a microwave! this is a sooooooo quick option for breakfast!

  17. Those frozen onions and peppers are impossible to find :(

  18. panisher03 says:

    Bro, I just want to thank you much for posting all of this videos because my Dad has heart problem so i’ve been trying to see what i can make for him something healthy, i found everything what i need, now he doesn’t have to eat the same thing over and over again, also i workout and try to stay healthy so you’r videos helped me and my dad a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THAK YOU!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MAN!

  19. DarkAvenger99876 says:

    he DOES sacrifice time just to help out all those unhealthy, fat, skinny, out of shape people out there ! if all you have to say is complain about how he tells people to like his video then just. G-T-F-O.

  20. TheFact0FtheMatter says:

    @Dupont2508 HI! YOUR A FAG

  21. Dupont2508 says:

    I actually never watched those videos. Do you realize that he earns money on this? So it’s not like he sacrifices his time, since its like a job. And my point wasn’t that he doesn’t deserve the likes. I just believe that you will get the likes and subs if your sh*t is good, not by asking for it. I don’t understand how that makes a spoiled kid. I probably “thumbs upped” as many of his videos as you have FYI.
    Hoped it made some sense to you and btw I liked this video as well.

  22. SilentOskar says:

    @Dupont2508 You sound like you’ve NEVER watched a CoD, BF1943,BFBC2 video, this cool guy takes time from his daily life,he spends money to show healthy and tasty options, NOT for you to act like a spoiled kid. I mean it’s isn’t hard at all to push the mouse button…

    If i ever could click ‘Thumps Up’ multiple times this video would have more Thumps Up than anything else.

  23. versatilechicken says:

    can i use fresh eggs instead?

  24. inbarshema says:

    look delicious! I’m going to try this!

  25. marilyndarlingshow says:

    i was just wondering what is the type of mrs dash you use on your eggs i use the poultry kind and it tastes horrable

  26. itssarakhan7 says:

    Oh hey! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy lost lots of weight with it.

  27. mArTy7805 says:

    ive done these for 5 months and i look like a spartan. nice 1

  28. EMIN3M380 says:

    @seajaerobinson fail bro

  29. EMIN3M380 says:

    @seajaerobinson i just done this 9 times. im almost dead -_-

  30. lavie0730 says:

    you are No1

  31. TheMudzan says:

    @freestylerdd Try straightening and lower your back a little bit, and I think it should be okay :)

  32. freestylerdd says:

    mountain climbers hurt my back… why?

  33. CocaTonight says:

    will doing this excercise 3 times give me results in like a week

  34. 1InsignificantPerson says:

    Thanks :)
    I’m doing GCSE PE and I’m doing the same workout but In a different way, I think I’ll TRY to practice every weekdays if I can :)

  35. @sirTupac1 yer man just work your way up to 30 seconds as long as your pushing yourself you will still get results

  36. ThugLifeBreezy321100 says:


  37. ImaBgreaT says:

    i deed it

  38. sirTupac1 says:

    hi, im 14 and im gona start doing this 3timesa day but i cant do 30 seconds i can only do 15-20 is that okey?

  39. nabmoh123 says:

    just did this 6 times in a row
    is that good or bad :S

  40. dsingleton1000 says:

    @david1909 soreness isnt a growth factor, i just means muscles are not used to being workedout that certain way

  41. dsingleton1000 says:

    @houldcroft89 tabata

  42. baseballfreak16 says:

    Workin out in some J’s…..SWAG.

  43. how come I don’t feel sore after these type of excersizes? Am I doign something wrong or is it supposed to be like that?

  44. manlykscorpa says:

    yo BRANDON I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW THIS BUT I SEE YOU GOT 8 PAC ABS SHOWING TIGHT… I’ve only noticed my abs only show tight like yours when I’m training they tense up or when I tensed them. do you ever get the feeling when u wake up in the morning or after you had a big meal your pacs have mysteriously disappeared. CAN YOU PLEASE ANSWER THIS COMMENT.

  45. KevinTheGuitarPlayer says:

    the amazing thing of this video is.. that Brandon doesnt get tired after replaying the video every time .. I DO !!

  46. timcao2412 says:

    dear lord, this is INSANE !!! Just did it and had to stop half way my 2nd time. Third time ? OMFG thanks for the work out

  47. houldcroft89 says:

    what app do you use for the 30sec timing alarms??

  48. Kakiharaswife says:

    found this video randomly, tried it and its pretty effective. good stuff. :)

  49. GibsonDeAndre says:

    Thanks man, I really appreciate what you do.

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