Six Pack Abs Meal: Inexpensive Lunch (Part 2)

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Free ab training tips: In this video, Dan and I talk about the 3 biggest mistakes that men make when trying to get six pack abs. These mistakes are VERY common — over 95% percent of men who try to get a six pack make them. And this is why most men who try and get a six pack fail. If you want to get six pack abs, you first have to stop making these three mistakes. Then you’ll start seeing more ab definition. We also discuss the effects of direct abdominal exercises, cardio for six pack abs, and the effects of not seeking help to get your six pack abs. For more free tips on how to get a ripped body and six pack abs:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. TylerZhangMI says:

    i usually just had tuna and mayo… this looks so much better. i need to try this.

  2. jaybeevitug says:

    That will be perfect w/ the cauliflower rice! yum!

  3. mrsfuzionzero says:

    What kind of tuna do you buy?

  4. Shithappens109 says:


  5. xXxXBleedPurpleXxXx says:

    @leanbodylifestyle i’m eating one right now :o) it’s as banger, only thing i did diff was add some old bay.

  6. xXxXBleedPurpleXxXx says:

    @leanbodylifestyle i’m eating one right noe :o) it’s as banger, only thing i did diff was add some old bay.

  7. SelenaFanClub512 says:


  8. stackindatpapa says:

    i just made this first time and it was beautifull

  9. metasha03 says:

    Thanks for the great recipe, can’t wait to make some.

  10. EmbedOnEdge says:

    Awesome tuna cake patties. Looking forward to smashing a few later today. Mahalo and Aloha!!!

  11. EmbedOnEdge says:

    Awesome tuna cake patties! Can’t wait to smash a few later today, Mahalo and Aloha!!

  12. TheInformalstyle says:

    You should just use the white of the egg, the yolk is almost pure cholesterol

  13. imustbgood says:

    @jgq85 This was great-I accidentally left out the egg, and was still yummy-cant wait to try it the “right way” LOL
    Thank for the recipes. been fun to try when things get stagnant

  14. domdabombabc says:

    @leanbodylifestyle Canned tuna is precooked just like everything else that is canned.

  15. wheeliejuice says:

    I love your videos man. I have gotten so bored with just plain chicken, rice, and vegetables. Keep it up!

  16. thanks for the recipe.. this vid made me hungry

  17. hey, how do you lose body fat?, cuz i have abs, and you can see them, its just i have still got body fat, its not tight around them.

  18. this recipe is IMBA for students ^^
    thanks mike.
    For people like me who don’t have cooking spray, you can use sesame seeds…
    put some on the pan or roll the tuna in it . this way it’ll become crunchy and delicious.
    P.S. This channel ROX

  19. imthatguy85 says:

    this tastes unreal, great recipe

  20. imthatguy85 says:

    this tastes unreal, great recipe

  21. lol i just made myself some kick ass turkey burgers half an hour ago but damm now you’ve got me in the mode to reheat the skillet and slap together some lean tuna burgers lol, great vid, keep them coming

    your boy, Will

  22. efficientsexy says:

    how can people not like your videos?! thank you michael!

  23. thanks for this recipe – it’s really good

  24. I am making this today! So glad to have a new way to eat this stuff apart from my usual tuna tacos.

  25. StackBrains says:

    @DjJohnam Hahahah Scooby with a better taste in food, that’s true xD

  26. sullustanmel says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but what if you really don’t have time to be active all the time? Is there no way you can burn the belly fat? For example, I am doing these 4 workouts of yours everyday:
    1) Super Fast AB Burner Workout–Abb
    2) 5min Belly Fat destroyer–Abb
    3) M100’s–Cardio
    4) 9 min extreme HOME cardio—Cardio
    Will this burn fat and get me a Six-pack? Should I do all these exercises side-by-side, or spaced out through the day? What are your recommendations.

  27. andyhooks says:

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    ^^^ just take out the spaces :)

  28. MrJoec2010 says:

    Why does this video feel really awkward at the start

  29. MrBunnyRanch says:

    So people shouldn’t listen to say, Charles Poliquin, Will Brink and all these world famous coaches just because they don’t have a six pack? its not rocket science guys its an easy principle, lower bodyfat and do ab exercises

  30. D32Shifter says:

    How long did it take you to get that ripped?

  31. felipelifter says:

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  32. psychocareface says:

    @psychocareface sorry^^  thats just a part of it ^^

  33. psychocareface says:

    so run pretty much as fast as possible about once a day and do the normal muscle workouts?

  34. malimessi19 says:

    haha im a refugee i have a six pack!

  35. LinseySanchez says:

    Dang I was doing the first 2 :O But thanks for the Advice :)

  36. lightningspawn says:

    hey 14 now,going 15 next having a hard time trying to lose my belly fats and i’ve watch many of your videos.but im confuse with which workout should i do first.i play lots of sports like basketball and soccer but that doesnt help much.i hope you have some tips or suggestion for me.thanks.

  37. SoyAussie says:

    what would the “exhaust system and headers” be as far as muscle and traing go

  38. I really don’t understand your idea of more muscle = faster metabolism. This is actually an incredibly unsafe approach. You lose just as much fat, just as quickly if you just do cardio daily if you do it safely. Bulking up is the wrong approach to a six pack, cardio is the only suitable answer, because you end up burning the exact same amount of calories safely – if you weighed more.

  39. TheDarkPacific says:

    I’m glad i found another pro home work out trainer. Your tips and vids have help me increase my at home exercises and built up muscle a lot quicker than i expected. keep it up !

  40. KillerKrieg says:

    Okay man, I love your videos and I’m sorry but I gotta come down on you. When you say “3 quick tips for getting abs” you should be telling us things we SHOULD do. Instead of 3 tips that help, you just told us 3 things to avoid. Secondly, it felt like you burned a lot of time with analogies for things we basically already understoud, then, on top of that it seemed like sometimes you said the same thing twice. You are a great fitness guru but you could be a little more to the point.

  41. dafinesse3000 says:

    im 5’10 145, do i just do ab exercises to get 6 pack …… since im so skinny

  42. GoldenAssassin01 says:

    Hey Mike, I’ve working out for awhile now and I haven’t seen some major differences. I know my problems are that I have not been eating the right food but I also have a problem with being dedicated and keeping consitency. Please can you message me and give me some advices on what to eat and how to keep dedicated and consistent on the workouts. Thank You

  43. mx150rider1 says:

    lol i feel bad right now eating a cup cake while watching this lol luckely i already have a 6pack an pecs 😛

  44. Hi Mike, I like your workout video, but sometimes I can’t understand totally your speech. My English is good, but not so well. What do you think about introducing english subtitles in your video? Greetings from Italy!!!

  45. LoveUndergroundMusic says:

    @ijuan10ify If you run 3 mile, you’re killing your muscle..

  46. ijuan10ify says:

    You talk about fats of layers on top of the sixpack. what can I do to take out all those layers of fat. Should I do other workouts and a good 3 mile run after them. Or what can you advice me to to. ?

  47. Hey Mike, thanks for all this great advice, i’m really thank full that you spend your time making all these video’s for free, going out of your way to help others. I also would like to ask you the amount of reps I should do with my work outs I do at the gym and if it would better to stay with the same amount of weight or increase the weight each time until i reach 3-4 sets, if you can help me with this cause its what struggles me most, thanks. Matthew .

  48. breakingbenjamin2315 says:

    Well Im a long distance runner and iv not gotten definition but i have lost 20 lbs an some extra fat… thanks for the advise

  49. blackcatHA says:

    good stuff guys. after hearing this, i found out that i made all 3 mistakes XD

  50. @sixpackshortcuts would you happen to be a mma fighter?

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