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  1. Jonesy2124 says:

    abs advice by a guy who has none, gotta love it

  2. midgettosser666 says:

    /user/midgettosser666 check out my channel for basic exercises to get a six pack and develop upper body strength! you can do all of them at your home, no gym needed.

  3. CanadianWNBF says:

    Thanks for the video, its really helpful

  4. southfistkid says:


    Cardio such as jogging and stairs should help burn some fat but it’s not as effective as high intense running such as intervals

  5. skateTrickTipps says:

    i am thin and i train my abs for like 4 months but it is not very goog, do i have to just keep it up and then it will work or am i doing something wrong i am training every second day

  6. G00n3r4Life says:

    @jimmysmithtraining not if its hiit or high intensity circuit training.

  7. getsixpackabs11 says:

    nice very nice .. you just have graet videonice very nice .. you just have graet video

  8. howtogetsixpackabs1 says:

    this video are rocks. great one

  9. jimmysmithtraining says:

    @pearlj327 Happy you like it.

  10. jimmysmithtraining says:

    @pearlj327 Train your abs every other day.

  11. One more thing jimmysmith, is it safe to do ab workout everyday or alternate abs excercise and weight training I.e. every other day?

  12. Great vid jimmysmith. I’m doing the routine thank you for posting.

  13. jimmysmithtraining says:

    What six pack abs questions do you have for me?

  14. colonnellomacello says:

    looks like vin diesel

  15. dahskaxx2011 says:

    u kiddinG!! i have a 72 pack!

  16. thegodofpop1 says:

    @jimmysmithtraining explain that to me please. Because i doubt it is.

  17. Why doesnt this guy work his neck ? Its way to thin compared with the rest of him.

  18. @jimmysmithtraining You’re an idiot, also i can see that you have a huge belly under that shirt, also, nice chicken legs

  19. GetSixPackAbsFree says:

    Thumbs up who thinks belly fat is annoying as hell!!!

  20. it is realy hard to be healthy with that pizza ad in the beginning

  21. @jimmysmithtraining why?

  22. jimmysmithtraining says:

    @bogie74 Cardio is a vastly ineffective methods for losing fat.

  23. jimmysmithtraining says:

    @MrCoder89 Thanks!

  24. jimmysmithtraining says:

    @mjrlz 3 sets of 15 reps

  25. 3 sets of 15? or 50?

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