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  1. jdsutton47 says:


  2. diamlierx says:

    this guys seems like he could use a few years of journalism school 

  3. diamlierx says:

    guys seem like he could use a few years of journalism school

  4. Vahag2008 says:

    if your american cock gets between her tits, i think she can squeeze you to death :-))

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  6. 1RiotSquad says:

    doesnt look sexy

  7. 895xzerokwl says:

    veins popping out on chicks arms = turn off.

  8. Her left boob is showing

  9. MasterChris117 says:

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    @MasterChris117 don’t hate because she’s in better shape than you.

  12. steroids work perfectly

  13. IAmMichaelMyers says:

    good boobs

  14. Hi guys, have you heard for smart599workout, I`ve heard so many good thinks about that workout. My friend got perfect 6 pack abs, he burned fat rapidly, but he refuses to tell me how he did that Sorry :(

  15. MasterChris117 says:

    Six packs don’t belong on girls. O___o
    Just keep it flat.

  16. @notdrockok When you do become a women, let me know what does go on in their heads.

  17. tajulafham94 says:

    six pack ??? whoa!!!that’s very lean

  18. very niec for video

  19. @tonetodd23 i’d just like to be a woman, then I’d be able to work out what goes on in their heads ;P

  20. tonetodd23 says:

    I’d rather be with a woman that’s fit like this than some out of shape flabby girl

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  23. @a9bomb First with those kind of abs I dont know whats under those shorts. Second shes a butterface.But If i saw those abs on a chick at a party I couldnt say I wouldnt spit some game.

  24. TheInsidiousubstance says:

    tranny. lol

  25. TheInsidiousubstance says:

    ewwwwwww. what teh fuck….

  26. There’s some great information on how to lose belly fat at /s3Wdcd

  27. fisher1683 says:

    @eallyfat89 Yes I agree that’ the same diet solution that my sister is using. I see the changes in her body and it really effective in a few weeks she looks fit and good.

    Yes I thinks its WeightLossAction.Info thanks for the info!!

  28. TheThesilt says:

    hey i am still a kid i kepp on repeating it no stopping
    and it actual work

  29. hey hey! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got detailed 6 pack abs and lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  30. I’ve Only Done This 3 Times , Andd Youuh Can Already See A 2 – Pack Cominqq 😉
    Its Still Something . This Is Effective =D Youuh Guys Gotta Do It If Youur Not Doinqq This Already . 😛

  31. MrNeospace says:

    Does this really make you lose fat

  32. howtolosebellyfatx says:

    Classic but it’s effective…

    And you can do it anywhere you want.

  33. type in “give me 4 week abs” in the search box and click on the video with hearts in the title to learn how to get a 6 pack in 4 weeks.

  34. silentkiller839 says:

    Anyone that wants to have a good food diet and continue to eat some of your favorite sweets then visit w w w . jackieharris . bodybyvi . com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. badassjas1 says:

    How offense do u do this a day??

  36. trejotorres67 says:

    Another way other then excersice that would help anyone lose belly fat would by eating right

  37. OleVanDole says:

    This is a great program, but it should be combined with other small helpers.
    Good diet and other sports at the side.

    I’m working on my belly with jogging, bicycling and a strict diet.
    I do these in the evening so theres some muscles underneith as i slowly burn towards them.

  38. TheBigjohnny84 says:

    My goal is to get abs by the end of this summer. I have stomach rolls right now..but not big ones or a lot of them. I’m not fat at all in the arms or legs…just my stomach cause i was just born tall and slender but i eat alot ( i guess thats how i got the rolls) But should i start eating healthier in order to get abs or should i just work out a lot?

  39. tournament55 says:

    @misslilyjacket maybe start by doing each exercice 30 seconds to help you build those abs before you do the whole run. it is also really important to focus on your abs to do it right without hrting your neck and back

  40. @DjJohnam Yeah, freaky 😀

  41. @Djjohn1992 holly cow your name is like mine

  42. mbeastmode32 says:

    do u do this once a day or multiple times

  43. FatReleaseSystem says:

    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channel!

  44. this is a great exersize and it works

  45. misslilyjacket says:

    My neck and back hurt like hell when I do these exercises! How do I stop this? I seriously wanna lose my belly!!!

  46. Insane82chevy says:

    @fuzzz1 it will cause you to lose fat just not as fast as cardio. more muscle burns more fat even at rest. however i agree with you about the cardio and diet. but reward yourself when you meet your goals

  47. Great Video… Thanks…

  48. EasyFitnessChannel says:

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  49. did anyone of u did this exercise everyday and got muscles in ur abdominal?

  50. MrOoglebog says:

    ok well i think this will not make you loose lots of body fat maybe a little but not alot to really loose body fat just eat lots of foods with high water contents.fruits vegies remember not high liquid content water content!

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