Six-pack Abs

Six-pack Abs

Say goodbye to your beer-belly and hello to your six-pack with these progressive three-step workouts. The book offers toned abdominal muscles and a perfectly sculpted stomach in a matter of weeks.

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  1. Review by DS for Six-pack Abs
    This books is simply great. I’ve been using it for about 8 weeks and the six pack is definately there. The book has three workouts, each of about 8 exercises, and each taking about 15-20 mins. For it to work I guess you have to exercise 3 or 4 times a week (as I have). The book does have some hard and unusual exercises in it, such as the ball-pike and bench reverse crunch. Many of the exercises may seem familiar and similar to each other, but the book succeeds in three key areas: Firstly it helps you focus your workout on your abs (rather than just doing a few crunches before you leave the gym.) Secondly, the pictures and explanations help you get your technique right, and technique is everything! Thirdly each workout is designed as a set of exercises that complement each other and when performed together in a workout have a greater effect than when performed in isolation.
    In summary this is a great book, and because it’s small you can take it in to the gym and keep it by your side while you exercise. Also, it is suitable for just about anyone – if you’re an absolute beginner, or a hardened athlete, or somewhere in the middle like me, you can find your own level and work on from there.

  2. Review by for Six-pack Abs
    I’ve seen and read many books and magazines that offer so many different ways/gimmicks to trim up and build your abdominal area. This compact book gives you 3 great ab workouts to train within a week, gives helpful tips on diet and cardio, and makes the training sessions simple but effective. The exercises are innovative, focused, and work very well. If you’re looking for a great guide for the money, this book has it all. I was able to see positive results within 2 weeks.

  3. Review by David Lee for Six-pack Abs
    Hesitated getting this book at first as I’ve already seen countless books on the ABS issue. Decided in the end to get because of it’s compact size and easy to follow simple steps. Results were obvious after 2 weeks and now I carry it along when I’m travelling though I already knew the steps and sequence by heart. One of the extremely few impulsive buys I didn’t regret.

  4. Review by Joey Atlas for Six-pack Abs
    This is one of the best books on the subject of getting the six pack look. Short sweet and to the point.

    Very good for beginners, but still challenging for more advanced users.

    As a Pro Trainer I would have liked to see a bit more for the lower back and deep core muscles.

    A good book for any fitness library.

    Joey Atlas – The Wizard of Fitness


  5. Bookworm & bibliophile says:

    Review by Bookworm & bibliophile for Six-pack Abs
    The workouts described in this book are effective; I was able to firm my admittedly softening belly in a matter of weeks — but I would not recommend this book for beginners or those with back problems. The exercises listed tend to be more advanced, and the instructions are less detailed then they could be (for example, the author does not provide tips for limitting back or neck strain). As a good travel companion or for a quick work out, the book is great; but for a more comprehensive routine, or for those who prefer more detailed instruction, this may not be for you.

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