SIX PACK FIX – How To Put ABS in EVERY Exercise!

Get Your Six Pack Abs Here: Need a six pack fix? Are your six pack abs not showing the way you’d like them to? Well, with the right exercises you can be working your abs, obliques and entire core on every rep of every exercise of every workout you perform. Let me show you how in this video, my six pack fix – how to put abs in every exercise. Often times, when people do split muscle group training workouts they think that the only muscles they are targeting is the big one they’re focusing on. The mistake is that this is too narrow minded. If you just change the way your body is positioned during the exercise you can get those abs fired up and contributing a lot to the exercise – helping you to get a set of six pack abs for yourself much quicker. Once you’re done watching this, be sure to head over to http to get your own 6 pack xcelerator kit – my three step solution for getting your abs to pop. First you’ll see how to activate the abs, then reveal the abs and finally develop the abs! Then you can completely sculpt your ripped, athletic body by starting the entire ATHLEAN-X Training System.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Get notified when new videos are uploaded: Facebook Bodyweight Community Page: In this video/tutorial, an extensive range of ab exercises have been demonstrated, which require little to no equipment at all to perform. These exercises are aimed at the advanced level. If you feel these exercises are too challenging, have a look at the beginner variations video. Variations Demonstrated: L-Sit Muscle ups Leg Lifts Jack Lalanne Pushup Hold Tucked Dragon Flags Full Dragon Flags Static Hold Dragon Flags Tucked Front Lever Raise One Legged Front Lever Raise Full Front Lever Raise Tucked Front Lever Pull One Legged Front Lever Pull Full Front Lever Pull Windshield Wipers Around The World Music permitted for use by: Metin Dabak (C)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Raziel132 says:

    @Jakobguldager More reps = more endurance Heavy weight = Strength = Size Cardio = Ripped Muscles

  2. Raziel132 says:

    @mirsh123 By losing fat

  3. SourNachos says:

    @mirsh123 you might have already got your answer, but heck, I’ll give you mine. There’s no way to choose where your body burns fat. Burning fat in general will eventually burn the fat in your lower abs.

  4. @mirsh123 well its the hardest place to burn fat from, you pretty much need to burn fat overall and your abs will follow.

  5. @cangriman0101 because, people can do all the cardio they wont and still not be able to properly loose that part of the body fat

  6. cangriman0101 says:

    @mirsh123 then why do you ask such a obvious question?

  7. montego24 says:

    @mirsh123 good diet,good sleep,good abs ex like this shown above.don’t be afraid to train your abs and do not do it rapidly to finish up and go home.and if you insist you will see results.

  8. @cangriman0101 no shit sherlock

  9. Behindspace90 says:

    Nonsense. You can out eat every workout.

  10. Behindspace90 says:

    There’s actually nothing difficult to it. I used to have the exact same question when starting, but I’ve tried all weight categories and I found that weight actually doesn’t matter.
    The first thing to realize is that you will always gain strength, no matter what weight. Gaining size (hypertrophy) on the other hand can only be obtained by lifting to failure; heavy weight or low weight, it doesn’t matter.
    The key thing however is to bring variation into your workout and weight!

  11. cangriman0101 says:

    @mirsh123 I’m gonna reveal the secret for you… are you ready??:
    1-Eat better

  12. the9637lion says:

    Hi hi! Have you tried – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on googlecant remember the place now)? Iveheard some great things about it and my m8 got ripped 6 pack abs and lost crazy amounts of belly fat with it

  13. carbonj123 says:

    @mirsh123 you cant lose fat on spots only overall by cardio

  14. heat4yoass says:


    spot reduction doesn’t work. You’ll have to do specific cardio to get that off without losing mass. Speedbags help a lot. I’m a boxer and that works your whole body, but mainly torso and higher.

  15. Tetrault88 says:

    Imagine if Jeff got a tan

  16. @damthatriver09 Just do fat burning exercises it will eventually show a change

  17. psychofunksoldier02 says:

    Hey man, can you do more leg videos for strength and explosiveness?

  18. @mirsh123 There is no way to spot reduce fat, your body will lose it from wherever it wants when you are losing weight, Don’t be like me from a couple of years ago pounding out 100’s of crunches a day trying to lose belly fat lol.

  19. watcher835 says:

    does the abs shape depend on your workout or every abs has it’s shape?????????????

  20. @Jakobguldager to build muscle you need to tear it. Going light and high reps is pretty much just cardio, and it’s not even good cardio at that. Going high weight and low reps doesn’t keep the muscle under enough tension long enough to tear it, it’s more for strength gains (lift heavier) rather then weight gains (getting bigger). Most people go for 10 reps for 4 sets, to borderline failure without compromising form, every set.

  21. @damthatriver09 You cannot target an area of fat. If you want to lose facial fat, you have to lose fat from everywhere. Doing ab workouts isn’t great cardio, search up HIIT training and go hard. 

  22. damthatriver09 says:

    @dontbescaredhommie Oh so if diet determines abs visibility then what does abworkout determine?

  23. dontbescaredhommie says:

    @damthatriver09 diet determines abs visibility.

  24. amiiir199 says:

    how tall are u? 511 ?

  25. U invent so many exercise , keep it simple.

  26. HeavyGreatScott says:

    Yeah..That program at the site
    does work! I started working on it few months
    ago and didnt really have any issues as far
    as it goes. I never had a weight problem
    but my stomach has always been an issue.
    But after a few weeks on its program. I always
    see results.. Overall, if you’ll take it on your
    daily routine workout then you’ll get fast result..

  27. irineteja says:

    hey hey! Have you considered – fast abs magic (do a google search)? Ive heard some super things about it and my cooworker got ripped Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  28. I think Full Front Level Raise is train for shoulders 😀 

  29. FitnessFAQs says:

    @Reznor13524 The bottom portion yes, the upper portion, no.

  30. FitnessFAQs says:

    @megatron3210 Thank you so much

  31. FitnessFAQs says:

    @BeerDipWomen I didn’t called it advanced for no reason.

  32. FitnessFAQs says:

    @starwarscoffee This is the most random comment I have ever received on my youtube channel, feel proud starwarscoffee.

  33. FitnessFAQs says:

    @rolldover I was still learning.

  34. rolldover says:

    it isnt full dragon flag :)

  35. MrKomodo98 says:

    0:33 ozn :))

  36. starwarscoffee says:

    sometimes when I’m alone… I like to lie on the floor and pretend I’m a carrot.

  37. CalisthenicsAndy says:

    Great video, helped me understand the difference between thw front lever pull and normal front lever, thank you my melbournian friend 😉

  38. juliandoesitwaybette says:

    yo daniel can you do any of the back lever progression moves, eg. one legged negatives and etc? cos im fine with the front lever progression moves, but whenever i do the back lever progressions i get alot of pain along my vetebrae, which becomes more prominent when i wake up in the morning. just wondering if you experience the same thing

  39. rmsolympic1 says:

    How could someone design a workout with these exercises; how many reps of the exercises need to be done for how many days of the week?

  40. BeerDipWomen says:

    That shit is so hard to do.

  41. vladforlove says:


  42. vladforlove says:


  43. megatron3210 says:

    really gr8 work

  44. pianoicheha says:

    hey wats name of song??

  45. Hey, when you do the dragon flags, what do you use to hold your shoulders/head down?

  46. xmetalxrulesx says:

    that is one lonely playground

  47. MrIrock4life says:

    Awesome video 😀 that ‘aroud the world’ exercise is awesome, I’ve never seen it before :O

  48. CookieKing1 says:

    This guy must have a six pack that stops bullets, lol. Those exercises are no joke, let me tell you.

  49. byakuyakuchiki7 says:

    @capncrutch69 lol what makes you say that? don’t you need a base before you go around slandering other people?

  50. capncrutch69 says:

    @byakuyakuchiki7 ur full of shit

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