Six-Pack Help!?

Question by Libriz: Six-Pack Help!?
ok im 15 years old, bout 5’8 and around 120+ lbs. im pretty skinny. and i want to kno how i can get a six pack, A.S.A.P.
i do eat a lot of food, most of it junk food. my family says i eat a lot more then most likely should…i dont have any illnesses or anythin that makes me eat more i just do. so i would like to kno how to get a nice visable or semi-visable six pack with out a diet since i most likely will not keep to it since of my age. so if u can wut is the fastest way to get sick pack abs?

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Answer by kidwiththeshirt
just start doing all sorts of ab exercises and you should be able to notice change

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  1. the happiest place on earth says:

    you have a six pack that’s hidden by a cover of fat.

    so reduce your calorie intake. even if you get super muscles, it’s still not gonna be visible because there’s the fat hiding it.

  2. You are what you eat.

  3. jdmann4020 says:

    Eat more healthily and do as many sit-ups as you can a night.

  4. aaron.forr says:

    just set aside 5-10 min. of your day and do sit-ups and other ab exercises. you are skinny enough so it shouldnt really matter what you eat. you will see results in 3 weeks probably.

  5. woah!!!!!!!!!! says:

    hey im almost like u i eat a lot but skinny lol

    do a lot of pull ups thats what i would do

  6. Tim Thomas says:

    Ok, first of all don’t eat a lot of junk food. It’s ok to eat junk food sometimes but eating it all the time will cause you not to have a 6-pack asap. You should eat a balance meal and work out everyday for about an hour. The main thing you have to do is sit ups. And also, don’t go overboard and try to lift more than you can.

  7. First of all you cant get a 6 pack from dieting, it just doesnt work like that.
    You could start by signing up for sports liek football,soccer,basketball or baseball. You could also try going to the gym alot more.
    If niether of those suggestions work i would suggest you do ALOT of sitt ups at home

  8. The only way to see results on this one is by doing the work. Protein is the building blocks for muscle, so you definitely want to make sure you’re consuming enough of it. Protein shakes are actually quite good.

    You have to work out, too. There’s really no easy way around that one. Switch off between doing cardio to burn fat, and strength training to build muscle.

    It will take time, but it is possible. Just make sure if you’re taking the protein, you’re also working out.

  9. do 100 sit ups a night. every night dont ever skip a day and you’ll have a six pack in no time! good luck:)

  10. iggy bott says:

    let me know when you’ve got it!! send a pic!

  11. Cut back on the junk food, it will be impossible to see your six-pack (even with exercises) if you keep on eating junk food. Eat better food such as fruits, peanuts, or anything that doesn’t have a lot of fat in it.

    You can eat junk food but like only once a week (don’t pig out on junk food)

    Do Cardio exercises such as jogging, walking for at least 20 minutes a day three times a week.

    Also do ab exercises for 3 mins. three times a week.

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