SOHI Fitness How to Get 6-Pack Abs Workout

This Total Abdominal Workout works the middle (rectus abdominis) the sides (obliques) and the transverse abdominals (the muscle that holds in our gut). To learn more about Megan’s classes visit The following exercises are: 1. 24 Sit-up to standing and then a jump – You can use one hand to assist you in getting up as I did in the video. 2. 24 MMA abdominals – 12 to each side – Move your hips to each side lifting your butt up off the ground and setting it back down on each side. 3. 24 Straight leg toe touches – 12 to each side – Keep your grounded foot bent and try to touch the ankle of the foot that is in the air with your opposite hand. 4. 24 Lower weighted abs- 12 on each side – With your hands down at your side, cross one leg onto the other and curl your butt up off the floor. Try not to let your hands help you in this exercise. 5. 24 Side plank – 12 on each side – While on your bended arm, go up and down in a controlled manner making sure your body is in a straight line when you are up. 6. Plank – Stay up while you slowly count to 24 or keep your body in a straight line for as long as you can. Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars


  1. rko79qazaq says:

    Wow its really cool how a women can have ripped abs like that!

    I was also wondering does it make a big difference if you replace the situps with crunches?

  2. tutulbd007 says:

    Holla! Have you thought about the Fat Blast Furnace (do a google search)? Ive heard some great things about it and my friend burned a lot of weight.

  3. mahen12th says:

    hey hey! Have you heard about the Fat Blast Furnace (google it)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy shed lots of unwanted fat.

  4. SOHIFitness says:

    @gusmatos2007 Thanks! I do training outside of gyms and a little TRX suspension training indoors. The next video will most likely be another TRX video.

  5. gusmatos2007 says:

    I think you are a super hot woman and have a great technique. Do you train in conventional gyms? It would be great seeing your trainings ans tips with free weights and weight machines.
    Continue the great work :)

  6. SOHIFitness says:

    @Naomimacaroni1997 I go back and forth between bars or shakes as snacks. I’ve kind of been on a Supreme bar kick for awhile now.

  7. Naomimacaroni1997 says:

    Do you take like protien shakes ?

  8. SOHIFitness says:

    @gatinawa Thank you for the compliment. The song is Battleflag by Low Fidelity Allstars.

  9. gatinawa says:

    excellent abs workout, i love yours videos ,what is the music of vi,can you tell me the name?

  10. SOHIFitness says:

    @MyChannel387 More than likely more TRX videos soon.

  11. SOHIFitness says:

    @BadCorgiProductions expert 1on1 is right..a rower may be a good way to keep it up, but be careful of extending too far when you go back as not to overstretch the pulled hamstring. Good luck. That’s tough.

  12. expert1on1 says:

    @BadCorgiProductions Try using the Concept II rower. It’s a great cardio machine. . .and will help you with your ABS and arms.

  13. BadCorgiProductions says:

    @SOHIFitness I pulled my right hamstring and it was a bad pull but it is fully healed now. I just need some cardio and abs exercises to get me back in shape at home.

  14. SOHIFitness says:

    @BadCorgiProductions It really depends on what muscle you pulled. Lmk and maybe I can be or more help. :)

  15. MyChannel387 says:

    Nice 8 pack !! :), will you be making anymore videos with you’re abs?

  16. BadCorgiProductions says:

    I am a gymnast and recently I hada really bad muscel pull. My physical theripist wants me to do cardio and I’m not supposed to run yet. Do you have any suggestions for cardio, abs and arms to get me back in shape???? I will be going back to practice after the first of the year and i don’t want to be behind everyone else in conditioning…

  17. SOHIFitness says:

    @emilywarawa Aloha!
    Lots of planking and a very good diet!

  18. emilywarawa says:

    Any suggestions on workout routine to get a flat tummy by end of third week of november?

  19. skeletonmage says:


  20. shtsonic says:

    are there any gyms u can recommend with i mean  gyms u know for sure tht they give u full body look a really good gym with a good trainer

    thank you

  21. SOHIFitness says:

    @shtsonic Hi, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, what you eat is still a factor as to how your body looks. You can weigh more and be leaner than someone due to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, and the opposite is true. I know people who exercise 6 days a week, don’t eat properly and need to lose weight, so just going to the gym and weighing a certain weight doesn’t mean you are lean. Try checking out blogs like LiveStrong to find out about proper eating etc. Good Luck!

  22. Hello there! Have you considered the maximus muscle 247 workout (just google it)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cousin gained crazy amounts of muscle with it.

  23. shtsonic says:

    actually i go to the gym 3 times a week i practice alot of leg muscles excerises but to be honest  i dun have any diet as my weight is 74kg but the fat only covers the lower abs little fat bulge

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