Surya explains about six packs for his fans

surya explains about his six apcks to his fans


  1. satishdan says:

    I am not from Tamil Nadu, but I love Surya one of the humblest actor’s ever known to the industry. He is a great human being.

  2. bokuraja says:

    @khzzcmn Getting ripped abs is not as hard as it sounds, I’ve got killer abs and it didn’t take that long. You’ve gotta concentrate on two basic things, what your eating and your workout. Express Muscle has everything you need to get started. Plus its run by Daniel Murray (enough said). Don’t know how much longer he will be giving it away, so get it now ->

  3. steebanraj charles says:

    facebook . com / Suryasuperstar like this page as a true surya fan

  4. narcosist says:

    very true, thank you

  5. ThalaBillaPrem says:

    Kulla thevdiya punda dei Aalum valaranum……arivum valaranum…athu thaanda valarchi…gommala oka ungoppan sivakumaruku enna kutti kunjaa Ivlo kullama iruka! Patchala pudungi thevidiya suryaa……

  6. trinishipp says:

    you dont get abs by just ab workout, its 90% diet. you’ll get abs if youre in a caloric deficit its as simple as that

  7. vinoth7522 says:

    if u cannot be like him shut yr month stupid

  8. A very genuine actor I must say!… very COOL:)

  9. TheMad106 says:

    Too much cardio! 2hrs/day is silliness. Looks like Surya had a bad trainer. The obsession with 6 packs is ridiculous, has no use really. Ab workouts are a waste of time.

  10. charaniya27 says:


  11. diehardsuryafan says:

    tooo cute

  12. arsenalspytube says:

    no fats bro.u need carbo of course but frm the right foods like wheat bread, chapati..i am working on abs too

  13. MrJayandan says:

    he s good actor. but apart frm acting he s nt good.. big ching ja.

  14. 19roaldo says:

    hi bro.

    i would like do that.

    have anybody experiance of them?

    what about the meals?

    no carbohydrates?

  15. 19roaldo says:

    hi all.
    i would like do that.
    have anybody experiance of them?
    what about the meals?
    no carbohydrates?

  16. RogueHedonist says:

    6 packs is not easy …and in many cases not healthy but it sure looks sexy!!!

  17. gillyneverdies says:

    with proper workout anyone can make six pack withina 6mths….no steriods required for six pack abs…steriods is used to bulid mass….. six pack is very easy to achevie…Surya has very good body un Gajani also…so he just need some workout to his abs for his Sixpack…Vigay fans can only dream abt SIxpack

  18. poda123maiyuru says:

    Nice Surya…Thats was a Good advise thanks

  19. macadom222 says:

    First, you need to be a fan of GOOD MOVIES, rather than being Vijay fans or Ajith fans or Surya fans or who-ever fans.

  20. 1000Megaferrari says:

    don’t really think its a nutritional class!

  21. cafemartini says:

    When I was a kid, this is what I thought my Teddy Bear would look and sound like if it came to life!!!

  22. sarvan6661 says:

    he can fuck ur mom or sister for real…u wanna try?why u think he is getting 15-18 crs paid for his film..u asshole…it took 7 month for ameer khan to get ripped…y not in 6 months…

  23. kittlu407 says:


  24. Shanthen999 says:


  25. macadom222 says:

    To get 6 pac abs, diet is a very very important factor that decides your result. If it’s a little more than you actually need, you risk increasing your fat level. If it’s less, it’s so obvious that I don’t need to tell you. If you just keep eating a lot and doing lot of cardio, you won’t get 6 pack abs but what you would achieve is staying fit.

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