how to get sick pack abdominals.?

Question by Mark J: how to get sick pack abdominals.?
My six pack abdominal workout good or bad?
I am 13, 108 pounds, 5 foot 1 here is my workout. Is it good, bad, should I get rid of something, add something? How long to see results with this workout? if any websites that u recommend plz give me the site address. here is a youtube link of how my chest looks:
but moving on with my workout plan.
Day 1 Cardio
Cardio workouts consist of 2 hours on eleptical trainer, burning around 1,200 calories, stationary bike moderately for 1 hour burning around 300 calories, 2 mile jog, jogging around 15 mins straight. . Also 100 ab lounge crunches and 8 min abs workout video, 100 curls in each arm with 5 pound dumb bells. This cardio also consists of no fast food for diet, water, chicken, dill pickles for snacks, tuna:), high potassium and low sodium breakfast. FULL 8 glasses of water a day based at 250 mL being a glass, fruits and vegies 4-5 servings a day and consuming around 1,500 calories of food.
Day 2 is strength day.
This workout consists of 500 ab lounge crunches, 8 minute abs workout video 3 times a day, 200 sit-ups, 5 reps of 5 minute planks, 200 5 pound dumbbell curls in each arm, 50 reps of 30 pound chest presses, 2 mile jog, 30 min on ellipticall trainer vigorously, walk around 236 meter track 3 times using 5 pound wrist weights.
Day 3 Cardio
Day 4 Strengthening
Day 5 Cardio
Day 6 Strengthening
Day 7 Rest
All days consist of the diet above and a full healthy 8 hours of sleep. How long to see results? Again another big thank you and i will help u if u need help answering yours:) pce.

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Answer by quis
all i’m gunna say is calm down, ur like severly overworking urself, you need at least 2 rest days a week.

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