3 Bizarre Ab Exercises For YOUR Summer 6-Pack

Here’s the 2nd video with my good friend Sukru and Burok, 2 pretty-boy fitness models and 2 of my good training partners. You can add them on Facebook: Artus S. Burak Aksoy Both in the Hamilton, ON area. Sukru has one of the craziest 6 packs you’ll ever see on video. He flashes them for a great shot around 4:36 minutes. Between my two good friends and I, you’ll learn 3 bizarre and challenging ab movements to get a shredded stomach for summer. Yes, even ladies can do these moves and when you combine Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (MeltFatNotMuscle.com next week, with these exercises, man oh man… you’re going to SHOCK your friends when get into a swimsuit this summer! Watch what Sukru does at 7 INSANE: Then Burok demonstrates a CRAZY “show off” exercise. Tomorrow, I got one more video of straight up 6 pack abdominal exercise. We’ll talk about early morning cardio, sugar, booze, partying and how to live a lifestyle to get YOUR ripped abs. Summer is ALMOST here!!! Questions? Post them under the video! Talk soon Vince
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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