Hints and Tips to Build and Train Killer Abs Six Pack

Hints and tips on how to build and train killer abs| amazing six pack. This will help you to build a strong core and give you a good foundation for those dieing to get killer abs| six pack.

How to Build and Train Killer Abs Six Pack

How to train and build killer ABS. To get a six pack with the correct way to train. Find the easiest way to Build Killer Abs| Six pack.
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Manny Pacquiao’s incredible abs workout. Unbelievable Abs Workout
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Work Out host Jackie Warner breaks it down step by step! Link to article: www.usmagazine.com
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why am i struggeling to build muscle?

Question by Rouge: why am i struggeling to build muscle?
for some reason i just cant seem to pile on any muscle, a friend of mine of only a slightly different build is totaly buff whereas im struggeling to see any definition at all, ive been working out for 5 weeks now, and im not seeing a lot for my efforts to be quite frank.

i work out more than my m8 i do more work than him, eat better, why the hell is he bigger????

the three muscles im desperate to build are my abs, my pecks and my biceps….my abs are most import as im desperate for a six pack, n i also really want nice biceps, pecs i really want but not as much.

my workout consists of:

Monday: 20min run and my abb exersizes and 100 benchpresses 40-50kg n im soon to add in biceps curls with my dumbells

Tuesday: 5min bike warm up, ab exersizes, 100x bench press on 40-50kg, 75 bicep curls 75 tricep extensions, 1500m rowing, ab exersizes again, biceps and shoulder and pec machine, then ab exersize again to finish.

wednesday:20min run, ab exersizes, and im goign to add bicep curls

Thursday: same as tuesday

Friday:same as monday

Saturday: just abs n soon to have sum on dumbells

Sunday: rest or a light run.

Ab exersize consist of: 50 x knee ups, 50 x leg raises, 50 x reverse crunches, 100-150 x leg on side crunches, 50-75 x hip thusts, 125-200 cross crunches with a few norm thrown in, 100 x reach n touch stretches, 50x cross leg reverse crunches.

done it setc of 25 – 50 with 10- 15 second breaks if needed ( depends which exersize).

Please help or make some suggestions im eating right , i weigh 9stone 7 i just cnat seem to build up msucle and more importantly get that sexy six pack

hears a picture of me taken 3 days ago:
12th May Body

please help, im sick of all these useless hours spent in the gym for nothing..

Best answer:

Answer by lnalrocks
Sounds like you are more of an ectomorph and he is more endomorphic… type those into google, you will learn alot from that.

In a nutshell, you have a higher metabolism which demands more calories during the day, you need to eat more than you are right now, intaking more protein, increase ur protein consumption by an additional 25%

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