‘Sugar coated’ abs….need to lose the fat!?

Question by C-Star: ‘Sugar coated’ abs….need to lose the fat!?
K, so this may be long but…

I am 18, 5’5 with a medium (?) body stature and I weight apprx 150lbs. I know that my body is quite muscular, and that weighs more, so I am not really concerned with the number. I am a dancer in an intensive training program, so I dance 900-600, Monday-Friday. I eat generally quite healthily, though I know I am lacking protein as I am a kinda vegetarian (I don’t eat red meat, rarely poultry, I usually try and make myself eat fish once ever couple weeks so that I am not completely lacking meat…I also hate beans, so I don’t eat them, and eggs make me sick, so that’s a no-go.)

Anyways, in dance, we also do a lot of sit-ups/ab work along with our actual dancing, and yet I have really pudgy ‘sugar coating’ if you know what I mean. Like, when I flex my abs, I can feel that they are quite strong, but I have all the flab on top. I’ve tried all forms of eating less, exercising more, the combo of both etc. but I cannot seem to lose the rolls. It’s very frustrating.

A typical day of meals is:

Breakfast – bowl of granola with yogurt & milk (sometimes chopped banana)

Lunch – Don’t usually feel very hungry, so I don’t really eat…

Afternoon snack – crackers and cheese/meal replacement shake/bowl of yogurt or something similar

Supper – Veggie soup and bagel/rice and veg/granola and fruit (I love granola :P)

So, I know amount-wise I don’t eat a lot, and I’m obviously getting a lot of exercise….why can’t I lose the fat coating on my stomach?! I want a six-pack SO bad! It’s not numbers that I want to lower, but I certainly want to lower my body fat percentage….PLEASE help!!
Thank you for totally not answering my question….if you go back and actually read the POINT of my post, you will see I was asking how to lose excess fat, not to rant about a vegetarian diet. The veggie part was just a side-note to give an idea of my diet.

Best answer:

Answer by Skeptic
Why are you repeating a totally industry-driven myth that a vegetarian diet is lacking in protein? This myth is perpetuated by otherwise well-meaning establishment people who are subjected to misleading information/education that can be sourced back to food industries and other industries with heavy handed influence in advertising and US government standards. Most Western people, including many vegetarians, suffer from excess protein consumption. Excess protein must be removed by the body at a cost to your health. (T. Colin Campbell)

Perhaps your diet is different, but vegetarians as a whole get an excess in protein through:
– Leafy green vegetables (Protein rich: kale, collards, spinach, and so on).
– Legumes (green peas, black beans, and so on)
– Whole grains (oat, wheat, barley, and so on).
Why do people think that more of a good thing is always better. The excess protein must be flushed from your system and is costly to your health. I eat way too much protein on a pure vegetarian diet, but still, I feel better and heal quicker than when I was on a SAD diet.

The standard American diet (SAD) contains way too much dairy. The animal protein causes acidosis that results in a negative calcium balance. Calcium is leached from the bones when people drink too much milk. I suggest you add the protein rich vegetarian foods and avoid dairy completely. Dairy and soy products are totally unnecessary and they both contain dangerous levels of hormones. Yes. Soy products contain naturally occurring hormones, and the protein is safer if you consume by eating other types of legumes. Avoid processed foods including excess oils, fats, sugars, fruit fructose, refined carbohydrates, food additives (like MSG, colorings, flavorings), artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame), and most packaged foods.

After you have enjoyed eating a healthy diet for several months, you should research the idea of a water fast. After I did a medically supervised water fast for five days, I lost my excess appetite and was able to eat normal portion sizes without much effort.

I recommend that you read a book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman on this subject. The misleading information that in bantered around about healthy diets is amazing. The truth would interfere with the profit motives of the following establishments: Food, Drug, Medical, Insurance, Medical, and Media.

Each of these establishments has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. You would think that insurance companies would want to solve the health problems in the US, but no. The Insurance companies make more money when they can charge a higher premium based on higher medical costs. No member of the status quo wants to see a system that will actually serve the real needs of people. A healthy population would lower profits for every player in the game.

Please do your own research independent of these industry giants. They have no profit motive in helping you. It’s up to you to research the health benefits of a pure vegetarian diet.

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