How can a girl get a six-pack?

Question by GinaBina16 ♥ ツ: How can a girl get a six-pack?
I’m a 15 year old girl and im very athletic but i want to look more toned and get very nice abs. What can I do to get a sick-pack? Also, ho w can I get more muscular arms and calves??
Thank you!
I want a six-pack and strong arms because I play field hockey and run track and want to become stronger in the sports I play.

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Answer by Reem
girls dont get 6 pack they get a flat stomach

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6 pack/abs for a girl sick or fine?

Question by hkm_cheer: 6 pack/abs for a girl sick or fine?
Okay this is just a general question. If a girl had a rank six pack would that be disgusting? and what if it wasn’t that bad it was just nice abs? Just wondering cuz i do ab exercises and I’m slowly getting abs ha and i really don’t want to look gross!

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Answer by my underwear
Ah, hot abs – go for it!

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