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Need an intense workout plan – 8 days, need to look great?

Question by CaptainContagious: Need an intense workout plan – 8 days, need to look great?
K, so I’m 14 nearly 15.

I’m 5’11 and 167lbs and I’m not fat, I just had this layer of… well, fat, around my lower stomach and love handles. It’s really not that bad, but I want it gone..

I like this girl, a lot, and she’s super hot. She likes me too, but although she hasn’t said anything, she really wants me to lose that stuff. She’s super nice and everything, that’s why she hasn’t said anything, it’s also the reason we’re not going out… yet.

It can happen, I know it can, I just need to lose that fat.
Although I’ve got it, I know girls well and I’ve had girlfriends before, if I just get rid of it, I reckon she’ll like me more. She’s super fit, so going out with a kid who’s got a small-ish layer of fat isn’t really gonna happen.

I’ll only eat dinner, every day.

What I need to know is, using sit ups, prone holds, push ups, anything else that can be done in my room, what should I do to lose it. I used to have a 6 pack but then I got sick and put on weight (quite a bit) and I haven’t been able to get it back..

per day – how many push ups? How many and how long prone hold. crunches. sit ups. torso twists.

Focusing on the lower abs and the love handles.

If you help me, I promise to give a 5 star best answer..

How many:

Sit ups : ___
Push ups : ___
Seconds of prone hold (per prone) : ___
Crunches : ___
Torso twists : ___

Best answer:

Answer by Escher
Right, first of all eating less than 1500 calories is just going to make you lose alot of water weight, which you’ll put back on as soon as you start eating normally, so if you want to lose body fat go on a calorie controlled diet.

If you want to build muscle doing that same exercise lots of times won’t do much, you need to increase the amount of weight your muscles are working against. While I could spend ages telling you what to do I’ll save you and I some time and just tell you to read the free ebook Brain over Brawn: http://brainoverbrawn.com/get-the-book/
That will tell you everything you need, and if you can’t afford a gym it’ll tell you good cheap alternatives. Read it like its the bible and you won’t go wrong.

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How to have a six pack and an great upper body…?

Question by coopfan91: How to have a six pack and an great upper body…?
Im very confused. Im 18, male, and 130lbs. Im a vegetarian. I would call myself quite active I spend 3 days a week doing an hour or more abs workouts and 3-4 days of lifting/bowflex/free weights for and hour or more.
I have been upping caloric intake and protein intake to hopefully gain some lean muscle mass on my arms and shoulders. Ive already noticed a difference in about a month and a half ive been doing the lifting (ive been doing abs for over a year and have a pretty decent six pack) But heres where im confused… Some places say you should eat less calories then you burn so that you will burn the fat around your mid section so you abs so, but other places say i need to be eating around 2500 calories a day! Is this more then what my body will burn on its own? I eat roughly 1250-1500 calories a day, i keep my carbs under 150g and my protein high 90-120g. Im just confused on how i can bulk up my upper body and not gain fat around my midsection! If i up my caloric intake will my diet (mainly egg whites, fruits, veggies, and some fish and a slice or two of whole wheat bread [no pasta or dairy] and my exercise plan keep my abs visible and my upper body getting bigger! Any advice! Im sick of being scrawny in my upper body

Best answer:

Answer by James L
The key to having abs is CARDIO. Everyone has abs underneath the flab.

Keep a high protein, moderate carb, low fat diet. And you’ll see the results. I suggest looking at this website, you’ll learn a lot.

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6 Pack Abs (a great starter guide)

6 Pack Abs (a great starter guide)

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