Healthy meals for students and other busy people: 6-pack abs and gain muscle with good nutrition Good nutrition is the secret to both losing fat and gaining muscle, in this video I show you how to eat 6 inexpensive, nutritious meals a day without cooking or shopping. This video is in response to the hundreds of people who have written me saying they knew their nutrition was horrible but felt powerless to improve it because of the schedule constraints of their work, school, or life. Eating 6 small, well balanced meals a day is easy when you know how and once your nutrition is on track you will find it easy to reduce bodyfat to show those 8-pack abs and gain muscle too. The one thing you need to do though is get rid of the idea that food always has to be tasty. Jack LaLane had a great saying “If it tastes good, spit it out!” and its so true. If something is that good then its most likely got too much sugar, salt, fat or artificial flavors. When something tastes really, really good your first thought should be – “whats in this?”. Think about what you are eating! If what makes it taste good is the nasty stuff mentioned above then spit it out. Obviously if you are eating a carrot or an apple and it tastes good this doesnt apply. The saying is designed to make you think about everything you eat. If you dont know what is on the list of ingredients and its nutritional content then SPIT IT OUT! Here are the meals I eat during the video 5:00am coffee and protein powder mixed in water (about 100 cals) 6:30am oatmeal with flax and protein powder (about

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Q&A: Do you think some overweight people, don’t have repsect for people who are thinner then them?

Question by Andrew: Do you think some overweight people, don’t have repsect for people who are thinner then them?
I strongly feel that some overweight people, don’t have repsect for people who are thinner then them. I’m 20 years old, a college student, work part-time, and I work-out 5 or 6 days a week. I have a phobia of being overweight. I have nice biceps, and I can’t help showing them off. I almost have abs, and my goal is to get 6 pack abs.

Mostly everyone in my fathers family is overweight. Most of them have huge stomachs, and they are proud of it. I think having a huge stomach is disgusting, and that’s nothing to be proud of.

Last week I was at my fathers house, and most of his realives were there also. They were badmouthing guys with abs, because they know I’m trying to get 6 pack abs. I see a guy with 6 pack abs, and I wish I could be him. My fathers family thinks guys with abs are nasty. I was disagreeing with them, and saying how people with huge stomachs are nasty. They all got mad at me. Seriosuly I shouldn’t say on this web site all they were saying about about people who are thin. (In my opinion) Most people who are really overweight are losers, they don’t take care of themsleves. Guys with abs do take care of themeselfs. If you can’t diet, eat the right things, and work-out, that’s pretty bad. Who would want to be overweight? That’s just sick…Im proud of my body, and I almost have abs…

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Answer by J. Mascis
I don’t know dude, not that it matters or anything, but you sound pretty gay and self-obsessed.

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