Question about getting “good” abs!?

Question by AverageJoe: Question about getting “good” abs!?
Ok i sick of hearing that getting a six pack is all about cardio and diet on the internet. I am already thin, i just want to know how to add bulk to my abs, as in so the bumps stick out more now, anyone got a workout plan for it? idk something like Ryan Reynolds did 500 to 1000 situps before his workouts while building up for blade 3. Please help
Thanks for the answers so quick, yeah i have the apparent “v” shape body, about 9 % body fat but look good, through starting up interval training and a diet (just lots of smaller meals)im looking to lower that down to 6-7% while increasing my ab workout. will choose a best answer within the next day.

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Answer by jahsas
Well it sounds like youve already got the physique so to get your abs to puff out add weight to your ab routine. When your performing your reps with weight perform them slow and do a max of 25 at a time no more. You will notice the difference in no time. Good luck

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Hello i have a quick question i kinda have a six pack and i need your help.?

Question by studs: Hello i have a quick question i kinda have a six pack and i need your help.?
Hey i have half of a sick pack when i flex it seems like there is just 4 abs and then below that it seems like there is nothing there, their is like a 2 inch difference thats how far in it is and it doesnt look like i have a six pack why isnt this working i do crunches like crazy and i have good cardo what am i doing wrong?

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Answer by lucasbr10
dude ur probably not eating right.. or u might think u r but might not.. also u should try leg raises in my opinion it works better than crunches..

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