Ab Workout ( 6 pack abs ) [ ab exercises for ripped abs ]

www.youtube.com A freerunning clip video… 1. Basic Crunch- 2.Twist Up 3.Push Through- 4.Left side Crunch- 5. Right side Crunch- 6. Up and Twist- 7. Leg Raises- 8. Leg Tucks- 9. 90 Degree Ankle Touch- 10. Right Crossover Crunch- 11. Left Crossover Crunch- 12. Kick Ups- 13. Head Raises- 14. Scissors- 15. Left crossover twist- 16. Right crossover twist- 17. Head leg crunch- 18. Alternating Shoulder Lifts- 19. Hoover- 20- 180 Degree Ankle Touches- 21- Side bends- 22- Alternate Leg Tucks- 23- Alternating Push Throughs- www.myspace.com
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How do you obtain some sick ripped Abs? help!!!?

Question by pumpkinbutt: How do you obtain some sick ripped Abs? help!!!?
My brother is in awesome shape but needs help with his lower abs. He has a six pack but his lower abs are not well defined. How do you get some sick ripped lower abs?? Help! I’m interested too.

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Answer by Willis
You must buy the message pro belt and apply at that area. Also try liposuction. Or just drink the fat cutter juice which will remove fat from all around the body including the lower abs.

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