Plank Progression – From Rookie to RIPPED ABS in 7 Minutes!

Go from Rookie to Ripped Abs : One of the most commonly performed ab exercises is the plank or core plank exercise. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most commonly misperformed and misunderstood ab exercises. There are so many ways to do a plank that simply referring to this core exercise as a plank is not doing it justice. In this video I show you how to do a plank using six or seven different variations that not only increases the difficulty of the ab exercise but the amount of work the abs have to do to perform it. From changing elements like the length of the lever arm, the amount of suspension and the base of support, it’s possible to take an ordinary ab plank exercise and turn it into a six pack abs sculpter (when combined with a good nutrition plan of course!) in the time it takes me to discuss the differences. Ripped abs are the envy of most any guy that hits the gym regularly and trains their core. Banging away at ab exercise after ab exercise looking for that six pack is not going to get it done however. In order to get the 6 pack abs to show you need to combine ab exercises that attack not only the lower abs, upper abs, midrange, and obliques but you need to also add in a good dose of core stability. The core plank exercise (and the progressions seen here) do just that. == Basic core abs plank on hands and knees == Basic core / abs plank on hands and toes == Basic core / abs plank on hands and toes with feet and hands close together == Core / abs – FREE download of the first chapter of my new ebook The Dark Side of Fat Loss! http The Inspire Millions project continues with a burning hot abs challenge! Brett Klika of and http puts me through this brutal abs routine. Join us in Inspiring Millions by sharing this video with as many people as you can. Once we have 5000 views OR 100 LIKES on either of our Facebook pages, we’ll upload the next challenge. Got questions about six-pack abs? Tweet me at

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