SOHI Fitness How to Get 6-Pack Abs Workout

This Total Abdominal Workout works the middle (rectus abdominis) the sides (obliques) and the transverse abdominals (the muscle that holds in our gut). To learn more about Megan’s classes visit The following exercises are: 1. 24 Sit-up to standing and then a jump – You can use one hand to assist you in getting up as I did in the video. 2. 24 MMA abdominals – 12 to each side – Move your hips to each side lifting your butt up off the ground and setting it back down on each side. 3. 24 Straight leg toe touches – 12 to each side – Keep your grounded foot bent and try to touch the ankle of the foot that is in the air with your opposite hand. 4. 24 Lower weighted abs- 12 on each side – With your hands down at your side, cross one leg onto the other and curl your butt up off the floor. Try not to let your hands help you in this exercise. 5. 24 Side plank – 12 on each side – While on your bended arm, go up and down in a controlled manner making sure your body is in a straight line when you are up. 6. Plank – Stay up while you slowly count to 24 or keep your body in a straight line for as long as you can. Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars

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