I’m sick of this. How can I get abs and nice arms?

Question by Hunter S: I’m sick of this. How can I get abs and nice arms?
I have asked this so many times.
okay, here I go again.
I’m fifteen, 108 pounds, 5’6, male
I’ve had the same workout for three months and I have barley improved.
I have a six pack, but like everyone els mines covered with a bit of fat so you cant see it.
I don’t have pecks, but want nice arms and pecks and abs.
I do 500 crunches, 300 lifts (with 15pounds) and about 100 pushups every night.
Before this I did five pound lifts and 300 crunches and 50 pushups a night.
I eat so healthy, I get in every piece of fruit and vegitable I need, I drink water !NON-STOP!
I’m sick of no improvements in my arms, pecks, and abs.
I need some real ancwers.
Need them quick because last summer I stayed away from taking my shirt off

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Answer by some1
If you haven’t reached/finished puberty, it’s a good possibility you will not be able to build the muscle/lose the fat. Your body is still growing and changing, and you still might have the pre-puberty “baby fat” that is stored up before a major growth spurt. And you might not have the testosterone yet to build big muscles.

Keep in mind, too, that some people’s physical makeup also prevents them from ever building big muscles. It’s possible your body will always be a sleek machine like that of distance runners. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Still very sexy, just in a different way.

What you’re doing is great for building strength, but to build muscle, I recommend seeing a trainer/reading some body-building books for additional exercises to add to your program.

And make sure you’re eating plenty of protein. Your body needs it to bulk up!

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What would you think would Happen if I do this?

Question by Misunderstood: What would you think would Happen if I do this?
How do you think my teacher would react, if I showed up at her classroom alone…

With my button-down shirt unbuttoned, revealing my oily pecs and sick pack abs

Be aware that this teacher has been flirting with me for months, and got angry when I didn’t reciprocate the flirting.

Would it help If I oiled my sick pack abs and pecs or no?
Seriously, I’d do whatever it takes to bang her.

School’s almost coming to an end, and I believe she won’t be working at the school next year.
I made an error, I meant “six pack abs” not “sick pack abs” lol.

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Answer by MR T
you are a tool

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Can i gain a six pack like this?

Question by Mr. Spencer: Can i gain a six pack like this?
If I were to do a hundred crunches and a hundred sit-ups. And do static abs help at all. I really wanted to get a sick pack before spring break and I cant go to a gym and wanted to do it at home.

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Answer by Drop Dead, Gorgeous.
You’ll need to do lots more than that

and most people have a lot of muscle under their fat.
so maybe if you throw in some running and do that 3+ times a week you can get ’em by spring break.

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