Q&A: I hate this, I can’t lose weight, nothing works, and no one wants to help…?

Question by Benozna M: I hate this, I can’t lose weight, nothing works, and no one wants to help…?
Hi guys, here’s the deal.

I am 18, 250 pounds.

Out of my guy friends, 4 out of 10 of them have good sculpted bodies. And I know for a fact, they don’t work out because I spend so much time with them.. I could care less about a six pack, and even less about looking like a model, they all say just eat when you feel like it, and I do that, but to no avail….

So I went on every diet KNOWN to man..

Water fast diet *nothing but water* – You can bet at how much energy I had…

Nothing up until 6 diet.. Self explanatory.

Fruits & veggies diet..
pfft… I weighed 249 when i started, weighed 255 when I ended..

and im sick of this.

My workout regimen is
*search youtube for these videos*
8minute abs
8minute legs
8minute arms
8minute buns.
20 minute cardio.

So far… NOTHING… I look in the mirror and look the same EVERYDAY…

None of it helped.
Im sick of this and I just want to know, for the people who did get slim… what did you do for your workout regimens? did it work, or didnt it..

what can I do to get what in shape?

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Answer by Michael
I think I can kind of see what you are going through and I notice it a lot.

Everybody is looking for a quick fix. Unfortunately, there isn’t any. We have to face that some people are naturally gifted with sculpted bodies and can eat whatever they want and look skinny and fit. This is a fact that is never going to change.

8 minutes of any kind of exercise is way too little for any kind of improvement. If you are truly dedicated to shaping up and improving your lifestyle, now is a good time to start. A healthy diet should start you off right. Portion control is crucial. You would not believe how many people do not understand what a portion is. Nutrition makes up 80% of weight loss. The other is 20% hard work.

Start weight lifting and skip the cardio for now (or at least limit it to one day a week). I’m sure that once you start building muscle, your fat will start melting off your body. You need to hit the gym or use some sort of resistance for at least an hour a day for one or two muscles. Again, 8 minutes of anything is peanuts compared to a full body workout. If you have any other questions, contact me and I will try to help you out.

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13 year old wants bigger muscles?

Question by Cronaldo121: 13 year old wants bigger muscles?
To start Im only 13 So i dont care about all the Bs and crap about im too young to be working out im sick of it. I want my muscles to fill tight shirts and not make them look weak. Anyways i need to start

Im 13 years old and 5″4 weigh 90 pounds. I want to make my arms bigger. Like the part located between your hands and elbows. Also I want to make my actual muscles bigger I want it to show so when I flex I can feel satisfied.I want a 6 pack Im skinny so shoudn’t be that hard im not fat its just i have no abs showing, I have no abs standing and when i lift my shirt, I can see a 4 pack when im sitting and i bend and flex my body so if you explain that to me.Another thing i would like to make larger is um i think their called your caffs? The muscles located behind yur knee and a little bit down yeah caffs i think. I also would acutally like to make my chest bigger.

So total i Want This.

A Chest That Will Puff Or Make me have large pecs
A defined 6 Pack(So When i lift my shirt ppl can see it easily and be proud)
Bigger Caffs(Leg muscles)
Larger Actual Arms(Between wrist and elbow)
Bigger Biceps And Triceps(Buff)

Oh and one more thing if possible when Im finally done I want my veins to stick out a bit not bulgy and unattractive just to show i have muscle
Thnx alo guys and please answer :)

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Answer by BJ
dude. you are 90 pounds. there really isnt much there to work with

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