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How To Get Six Pack Abs in 16 Weeks – week 2

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How to get abs fast – how to get a six pack in 6 weeks Learn how to get abs fast with this program. I got a six pack in 6 weeks with this. Worked for me, thought I’d share it with you all before beach season kicks in. You still have time to get that six pack you’ve been wanting.

will this get me close to a 6 pack and some chest growth in 6 weeks?

Question by thatguys09: will this get me close to a 6 pack and some chest growth in 6 weeks?
ok so im a skinny fairly out of shape guy weighing in at about 148lbs. i used to way 155 when i lifted in march and april but i got sick and missed out on alot of gym time so i am trying to get defined again. i used an online body fat calculator that came out to about 14.93 percent body fat going by waist, forearm, wrist, and hip size. here is what i am doing to get fit again.

2 days of chest and tri’s and shoulders work out a week mostly benching
2 days of back and bi’s work out a week
3 days of core a week
3 days of cardio normally a 15 minute interval run after i do my core exercise

im eating high protein and normal calories leaning towards around 2000-2200 cals a day.

if i continue this for 6 weeks could i be looking at 6 pack abs again and a larger chest, or should i expect it to take longer?

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Answer by amanda
Anybodys abs will show if their body fat is low enough.
I say yes to abs!
Maybe more bench for the chest growth though

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