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High Intensity Cardio for Fast Weight Loss Part 2

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16 year-old needs to take control of his weight?

Question by BlackBelt2025: 16 year-old needs to take control of his weight?
I’m gonna be 17 in a few months and I have noticed lately that I have gotten bigger, and by that I mean fatter.

I recently weighed myself and I am almost 180. According to a BMI calculator, I am in danger of being overweight as an adult at the rate I am going.

I need suggestions for simple and effective workout routines, especially for abs and arms. Because of my genes, I have accumulated fat around my thighs and abdomen. I cannot touch my fingers around my thighs anymore, they’re that big. Anyone know how I can reduce that?

I also tend to eat until I am overstuffed, like any teenager. However, probably because of genetics, my metabolism slow isn’t as fast as everyone else’s is, so I am gaining weight. If anyone knows how to help me control my eating, that would also be helpful.

Please, I need to control this now before it gets out-of-hand. i am sick of being afriad to take my shirt off in gym class and I am sick of watching my best friends flaunt their six-packs and single digit percent body fat.

If anyone can help me, this is my summer project: to lose weight and gain some muscle so I can feel more comfortable about myself.
Ok, so where can I learn more about nutrition. I cannot afford to go to an actual nutritionist.

Best answer:

Answer by BLAZER♥Giirl91
i would recommend lunges and squats for your legs/thighs
cardio is very important too

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Q&A: I hate this, I can’t lose weight, nothing works, and no one wants to help…?

Question by Benozna M: I hate this, I can’t lose weight, nothing works, and no one wants to help…?
Hi guys, here’s the deal.

I am 18, 250 pounds.

Out of my guy friends, 4 out of 10 of them have good sculpted bodies. And I know for a fact, they don’t work out because I spend so much time with them.. I could care less about a six pack, and even less about looking like a model, they all say just eat when you feel like it, and I do that, but to no avail….

So I went on every diet KNOWN to man..

Water fast diet *nothing but water* – You can bet at how much energy I had…

Nothing up until 6 diet.. Self explanatory.

Fruits & veggies diet..
pfft… I weighed 249 when i started, weighed 255 when I ended..

and im sick of this.

My workout regimen is
*search youtube for these videos*
8minute abs
8minute legs
8minute arms
8minute buns.
20 minute cardio.

So far… NOTHING… I look in the mirror and look the same EVERYDAY…

None of it helped.
Im sick of this and I just want to know, for the people who did get slim… what did you do for your workout regimens? did it work, or didnt it..

what can I do to get what in shape?

Best answer:

Answer by Michael
I think I can kind of see what you are going through and I notice it a lot.

Everybody is looking for a quick fix. Unfortunately, there isn’t any. We have to face that some people are naturally gifted with sculpted bodies and can eat whatever they want and look skinny and fit. This is a fact that is never going to change.

8 minutes of any kind of exercise is way too little for any kind of improvement. If you are truly dedicated to shaping up and improving your lifestyle, now is a good time to start. A healthy diet should start you off right. Portion control is crucial. You would not believe how many people do not understand what a portion is. Nutrition makes up 80% of weight loss. The other is 20% hard work.

Start weight lifting and skip the cardio for now (or at least limit it to one day a week). I’m sure that once you start building muscle, your fat will start melting off your body. You need to hit the gym or use some sort of resistance for at least an hour a day for one or two muscles. Again, 8 minutes of anything is peanuts compared to a full body workout. If you have any other questions, contact me and I will try to help you out.

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How to lose inches off waist without losing weight? I want a six pack but want to be at a healthy weight?

Question by Questioner: How to lose inches off waist without losing weight? I want a six pack but want to be at a healthy weight?
So I’m a 17 year old male that is 6 foot 3, weighs 160 pounds, has a 14 inch thick neck and a 32 inch waist. Apparently that makes me 13.5% body fat. I exercise regularly doing cardio, lifting weights, and working on my abs. I want a sick pack but want to remain a normal weight. I was playing around with the scale for body fat and if I lost 2-3 inches of my waist, I should have a low enough body fat to see my six pack. What can I do to speed it up?

Best answer:

Answer by Greg L
Eat less and move more. It’s impossible to spot reduce body fat, the only way you’re gonna achieve your goal is with diet.

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I was sick and i ate a lot and now i gain a lot of weight?

Question by whatever441: I was sick and i ate a lot and now i gain a lot of weight?
well i am trying to get a six pack abs but last week when i was sick; i stop working out and eat to get my energy and now i weigh 5 lbs more. I almost had a six pack when i try to stretch, i was this close but i failed. What do i do now that now i just got better from sickness. i’m not sick no more. i feel better now.

Best answer:

Answer by Anna S
Here’s something… don’t eat so much! Try aerobic exercise to help get back on track. Changing your diet will work wonders. Eat fruits and veggies, with whole grains, and protein (that’ll help build muscle). When you’re sick, try not eating as much, since you will not be working out.

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