Okay my body is SO wired. Flatter stomach help?

Question by newlywed: Okay my body is SO wired. Flatter stomach help?
Okay I am 20 years old girl 5/6. Ever since i have gotten married 2 yeas ago i have packed on a few pounds on my middle. I used to be quit slim (which i hated at the time because people always made fun of me) and weight 110 before i got married now i weigh 130 . My stomach wont get flat like it use to be and it sticks out no i am not pregnant and am not on birth control anymore because it made me sick. Anyways how can i get my stomach to flatten up? What worked for you all? I do sit ups but it only makes my abs stronger but my flab is still there. Help me! Thanks! :)

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Answer by Faith
as long as its not like “oh my god fatfatfat flab”
then sweating it off can help
sauna regularly, go jogging when its hot or something

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