16 year-old needs to take control of his weight?

Question by BlackBelt2025: 16 year-old needs to take control of his weight?
I’m gonna be 17 in a few months and I have noticed lately that I have gotten bigger, and by that I mean fatter.

I recently weighed myself and I am almost 180. According to a BMI calculator, I am in danger of being overweight as an adult at the rate I am going.

I need suggestions for simple and effective workout routines, especially for abs and arms. Because of my genes, I have accumulated fat around my thighs and abdomen. I cannot touch my fingers around my thighs anymore, they’re that big. Anyone know how I can reduce that?

I also tend to eat until I am overstuffed, like any teenager. However, probably because of genetics, my metabolism slow isn’t as fast as everyone else’s is, so I am gaining weight. If anyone knows how to help me control my eating, that would also be helpful.

Please, I need to control this now before it gets out-of-hand. i am sick of being afriad to take my shirt off in gym class and I am sick of watching my best friends flaunt their six-packs and single digit percent body fat.

If anyone can help me, this is my summer project: to lose weight and gain some muscle so I can feel more comfortable about myself.
Ok, so where can I learn more about nutrition. I cannot afford to go to an actual nutritionist.

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Answer by BLAZER♥Giirl91
i would recommend lunges and squats for your legs/thighs
cardio is very important too

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