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  1. itsjoeylol16 says:

    @caryinmesa hold a dumbell by the ends.. might be a litlle heavier but beggers cant be choosers

  2. Un4g0tt3n says:

    @bettyspinks Is that why Mike the Situation from Jersey shore so ugly? 😀

  3. Thank you for your video, have you heard about smart599workout, I heard so many good thinks about that workout. My friend got powerful 6 pack abs, but he refuses to tell me how he did that :(

  4. caryinmesa says:

    If I don’t have a medicine ball what should I use???????????

  5. arielhag12 says:

    Thanks for the video. I’ve been looking for some good core workouts and this definently will work. :)

  6. Dude, learn how to breath while you do core exercises. Another important point, do them very slow, that is the point of it, the speed has to be REALLY SLOW in order to work the core. Thanks.

  7. SkylarkGSX says:

    Dude, breath before you pass old or get brain damage.

  8. SoGreatToHaveFun says:

    Please answer me somebody. My diet now is 4 meals a day and each meal is about 250 grams, so total I eat 1000 grams of food each day. It is almost only proteins, but it is a little bit fat also, and I drink one protein shake also.

    I just wonder, is 250 grams of food to much for one meal? I train cardio every day and some weight training. I wanna get a flat stomach, so is 250 grams of food each meal to much?

  9. OfficialRobbieMason says:

    1:54 sounds like your trying to make a explosion sound while playing with ur medicine ball xD. good vid though thx. 5/5

  10. 18wtrucker says:

    didnt see the micboom a single time there, nope

  11. @Stratophony The Office. classic

  12. @bettyspinks omg lol

  13. Stratophony says:

    Bears, beets, battlestar galactica

  14. chrisderby7811 says:

    Quick question; Will I become as strong as a Polar Bear or a Grizzly Bear?

  15. Electric0wn says:

    hes nippin out

  16. DeeComrade says:

    @agentpaperman i assume he just finished his workout and moved to abs

  17. weedpussymoney321 says:

    i got half way thru 3.54 one n my dog started licking my face n wouldnt go away so i quit lol

  18. nightfire007jb says:

    @gauravgijoe If you don’t have medecine ball, you can also use a plate (like the saxon bend exercice), a dumbell, cable or resistance band variants. Your muscle don’t care if you are using a dumbell or a brand new medecine ball, all it need is a resistance and a good form.

  19. cheapalien says:

    how much weight did you use for saxon bend? and how long do you rest?

  20. kingoftroy05 says:

    hes doing it too fast..try slower so they can contract and release in a longer time frame!!

  21. jordon1234576 says:

    i’m going to be strong as a bear? 😀

  22. gauravgijoe says:

    can we use a dumbell instead of medicinal ball??

  23. BigRignshit says:

    He is not out of breath. It is a technique used to exert more energy, just like moaning in tennis.

  24. @agentpaperman because hes warmed up propperly for each exersize.

  25. How many sets and reps should I do for the wood choppers and the plank and side planks?

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