The Ultimate 6-Pack Abs Exercise

My IMPROVED ab routine – My NEW website – Okay, this is the ab routine I’ve been doing for almost a year now. It’s very effective, and the best way to get sexy abs fast. I do it every other day. A full routine is 25 reps with each position = 250 total reps. 4 sets = 1000 reps. Takes about 30 minutes with resting. A few hints unmentioned Start off doing a number of reps you can handle. No sense in going extreme if you can’t finish all the movements consecutively. Next is always breathe ALL the way out when your abs are flexed. I’m breathing but you can hardly hear it on the video. Breathing is crucial to building abdominal mass and volume. Feel free to comment your questions, and I’ll answer as best I can. This will build you the 8-pack you always wanted. Check out my other videos on my new facebook page: Ask any question you want. I’m always online!


  1. Chunks720 says:

    My neck is going to have one killer six pack after this.

  2. pamaiomule says:

    4 sets of Sure as hell this is ultimate , I’m dead after the first few exercises

  3. kevinsumkevin says:

    if i want to do the exercise in the morning, should i eat the breakfast before or after the workouts?
    if i should eat the breakfast after the workouts, how many hrs should i wait for?

  4. ACS402010 says:

    You’re cute. lol

  5. Lordkingxz says:

    Hi im 15 im 1.85 65 kg im kinda skinny but i ahve some belly fat it isnt fat i just have to work out im thinking of starting your program what do u think?Thank you

  6. xenonce says:

    ty :) it’s all about exercise and fitness

  7. xenonce says:

    yep, that’s why the results come fast!

  8. xenonce says:

    thanks man, makes 2 of us 😉 ok, a lot more than that haha

  9. xenonce says:

    true true, I’ll add the annotation. I’ve been doing them both ways for a while. Slow and controlled is very effective.

  10. 999nish999 says:

    This is brilliant but you should have mentioned do them slow to make it more affective

  11. Just do what the video say and your bound to get results I speak from experience

  12. kevchatt says:

    Dam I tried doing that in my work out today.. Way harder than it looks

  13. edward ursu says:

    You can tell this guy is not a pro because he is doing them tooooo fast .He needs to goo much slower to work on them harder!!!My 45 year old personal trainer told me that.

  14. Mrhackerham says:

    Is that what you do and has it made any changes ?

  15. sexmiester2000 says:

    Great video! So are we supposed to go through all ten segments 4 times, or do we do 4 sets of segment 1, then move on to 4 sets of segment 2 etc.? thanks for the help.

  16. Daayyuumm..u sexy..

  17. sandrus12511 says:

    Im a girl and of I do these exersices will it get rid of belly fat and love handles?

  18. 1991Wreck says:

    workout one day then rest the next: repeat
    do 25 each and four sets

  19. cozkillitas says:

    Omg yur efin sexsy..nways i want abs n loose my baby fat its not much really but its just there lol

  20. jvboy88 says:

    could you be generous and tell me how long it took you to get where your chest is now? thanks man! you have a good body.

  21. Mrhackerham says:

    @xenonce should we do the routine once a day or should we do the routine and repeat it another 3 times
    Im really confused please reply back bro

  22. YoungObitoUchiha says:

    is ti ok to rest for 1 day like not doing any exercises..

  23. T0nyM4dr1d says:

    I do ab wrkouts but I do nt feel any soreness after can u tell me why this might be?

  24. T0nyM4dr1d says:

    I do these workouts bt after I dnt feel any soreness? Can u tell me y this might be?

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