Ultimate Ab Workout – six pack abs

The Ultimate Ab Workout – Full length Extreme Ab workout DVD available Soon! For more information about Laura Crimmins Fitness check out my website www.lauracrimminsfitness.com

This is just a short video I felt like making, partly because my abs aren’t displayed as well in my other flex videos. I am working on an 8 pack! I am still 16, expect to see some other flex vidoes coming up soon. The song is Falling by Zapflap.


  1. i love your energy, i love how u did the moves, great inspiration for me

  2. LauraCrimminsFitness says:

    Thank you for all the comments and support! I was trying to add an e commerce page to my website, but it’s a bit more complicated than first thought. I will be placing my ab downloadable dvd on itunes and Amazon to be purchased. It is 23 minutes in length and I do explain all the moves you see plus more. I should have it available within the next 2 weeks, I will post when it’s up. Thank you and all the best!! :) I look forward to helping as many people as I can to get healthy and fit! :)

  3. theRAVline says:

    @varsha862 Where did you get the full video? I would love to try this ab workout out!

  4. Natster03 says:

    REAAALLY awesome :)
    I needed some inspiration…because I just felt so unmotivated to do my abs today…but you just made me want to get to the floor ASAP…LOL! Thank you so much!

  5. isos2triple0 says:

    Hi Laura I see you say you have a DVD for abs coming soon I went to your website but saw only personal training information. Are you gonna be doing some at home soon I would love to have one for abs! Thanks

  6. LauraCrimminsFitness says:

    @varsha862 Thank you for your support! I’m so glad my ab video has helped you to achieve your goal! Your response motivates me to put together other videos or dvds for all parts of the body! I thank you for your kind words! With determination and a non quitting spirit we can all achieve great things!!

  7. varsha862 says:

    i LOVED this video, i think when I did it, it was actually pretty easy I think you,ve kind of gotta be really motivated and she reallllly inspired me and guess what ive been doing this for 5 weeks and Ive got around a 4 pack now!!! <3 <3 because of that im doing it everyday!!!

  8. TheFitFanatic says:

    Take note aldies- perfect abs!

  9. speedy1vrs says:

    i did this workout flippin heck it’s hard and i’ve been training for yonks

  10. LauraCrimminsFitness says:

    Hi Juliennmark, No I’ve never heard of it. Googled it, but they asked for my info before showing me examples or even the website. That tells me it’s either a scam or crap. I get my clients to drop weight quickly, strengthen & toned them. I work from over 20 years in fit arenas. Having a 6-pack not only has to do with core and stomach work but also having a good diet. Diet is a good 65-70% of how we look! So put down the processed foods! :) Have a great 2012!!

  11. juliennmark says:

    Hello! Have you thought about – fast abs magic (do a search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my brother in law got ripped Six pack abs and lost a ton of fat with it.

  12. jbergfan1 says:

    how can we get the full video?? i want those abs!

  13. justin611611 says:

    You have amazing abs! Please post more videos like this!!

  14. sassyag04 says:

    incredible abs!

  15. LUIS19212 says:


  16. Matty415100 says:

    Bro you are my hero!! I wanna be you sooo badly!!!

  17. Your triceps have improved a great deal! Keep up the good work!

  18. Don’t stare at your abs while flexing….it looks stupid. But anyways good abs

  19. wormsprocket123 says:

    Hey, i gotta ask, how tall are you?

  20. Number1lmao says:

    Sorry ment to say that I have some fat in my stomach and I want to lose it

  21. Number1lmao says:

    Hey bro how can I lose the little but of fat I have around my stomach so I can show my 6pack
    Keep up the good work

  22. kokezpearz says:

    THAT ABS <3

  23. Outstanding physique. Your chest is particularly impressive.

  24. Cool hard bod- Jared

  25. bighands69 says:


    Then Why are you watching. Is your type of game.

  26. xxvietchickxx1 says:

    @TechingGear Are you single?

  27. stjobs123 says:

    Strong and beautiful … already thought to be a model, you are very sensual, be sure to post videos.

  28. MegaKabia says:

    Nice chest dude.. but you still need to work on your abs 😛

  29. mjfanatyk says:

    Jackob ?

  30. basa1997 says:


  31. sexycrazycool4u says:

    You are gorgeous.

  32. rogeranthonnissen says:

    gay meat head. LOL

  33. rogeranthonnissen says:

    he is preparing for gay competition. so lame gay

  34. hotboi123100 says:

    cud make a str8 man gay

  35. jason512atx says:

    You should post some videos of your ab workouts bro.

  36. borg1210a says:

    Thumbs UP!

  37. newfcsb17 says:

    Very nice video..good body

  38. superbrat2007 says:

    you should take part of contests because you are a winner you just dont know it mate!!!! and yeah shave your armpits please for this sport :-)

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