Ultimate TRX Total CORE Destruction For 6-Pack Abs and V-Cut “Be a 10 in 2010”

View TRX Pro Pack Here! tinyurl.com (2:39)- Routine Sets & Reps (3:00)- Suspended Crunch (Knees To Chest) (3:36)- Suspended Crunch 2 (Pike) (4:17)- Pendulum (5:21)- Pendulum 2 (Knees To Elbows) (6:17)- Standing Body Crunch (7:24)- Standing Oblique Twist (8:38)- Suspended Oblique Crunch (10:18)- Suspended Alternating Crunch (11:25)- Suspended Plank Check out www.scotthermanfitness.com for more information and detailed exercises! Join the most supportive and fastest growing community on facebook! www.facebook.com Check out my Routines & Tips on the SEARS FitStudio page! :) www.fitstudio.com iPhone App! itunes.apple.com Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition BSN www.bsnonline.net Check out my Meal Plan!: www.scotthermanfitness.com Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com


  1. shadowkiss11234 says:

    @aktwdxx yeah. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. And I know why people are rushin to watch this video that definitely make you stronger with shaped muscles. I found this video here => bit.ly/Ks5n0B?=aaicxz

  2. pericosapiens says:

    40 people are fat people

  3. shaheed00 says:

    Trx suspension trainer, or search for suspension training.

  4. feroca95 says:

    Guys i wanna buy that stuff !!

    so whats another name for.that thing ? i got no results for trx ….

  5. MahlakDAgostino says:

    Hey Scott! I hope u be fine.
    I really like you, and you inspire me so much, but, if you excuse me I will add an a comment, this second exercise ” the pendulum” may be aggresive to vertebral discs, remember that these circular bones not are designed exactly to rotational movement. I think if we do the Pendulum, even more slow and reducing the range of movement perhaps the workout may be adventageous.
    My best regards and I hope your answer make me clear my doubt

  6. AngryBirds920 says:

    @emnhprr u’re right. It was my sad days when i used to work out hard for hours and not getting muscles at all. btw! If you want something that builds huge muscle which showed me exactly what i was doing wrong. I know you’ll find perfect muscles depends on ur need after watching this clip: bit.ly/JwXFBa?=kdwrdl

  7. FlashToso says:

    Try feet on ground, hands(under anchor) on handles. Pull away from under anchor(like ab wheel). Use bar to separate handles(narrow and wide) just above head then below head(avoid head directly above handle-no choking!!).
    Try 2 sets of TRX 1 pair for hands & 1 for feet!! Try exercises with anchors far apart(crunch) then together(extension)

    Limitation of TRX: 1 anchor, no exercise bands to resist handle separation, handle/bar to vary anchors.

  8. thndizzy says:

    Love TRX, but you talk to much!

  9. mk151156 says:

    Very well thought out set, good attention to detail on all exercises, this guy knows his TRX essentials, not like some of the MUPPETS showing off and getting all the movements wrong.

  10. lauro1306 says:

    Best video ever!

  11. breathe1312 says:

    Great i’m inspired, this workout looks like it in corporates a lot of the core muscles, the Rectus and Transverse Abdominal Muscles, Internal and External Obliques as well as the Intercostal Muscles. You’d have to play around to find a way of engaging the Psoas Muscles and Erector Spinae they don’t get targeted they just do their job, it would be too much of a break in direction probably. Smart as!

  12. fitpro777 says:

    If you want to see the worlds best suspension trainer, go to my page!

  13. sanjosesharkz1 says:

    half of them are

  14. smllsk8er14 says:

    Progress is already being made!! Thank you for all the advice!! Now we just need more core destruction workouts!

  15. zepperwing1 says:

    Wow! Even for old folks this is amazingly helpful. Thanks Scott.

  16. bobbycalise says:

    Great stuff, thanks.

  17. 1988superjack says:

    200$ for a couple of ropes.did it myself with a 2.5 tons resistance carabiner, 500lbs resistance (each) for the adjustable straps, 1-1/8 inch PVC pipe (for the handles, just cut it the size you like), 2 feet of strap (each of the feet spot). for a total of 20$. you can add 1$ for some tape on the handles. the original is a rip-off

  18. hermaherma1 says:

    i dont feel the burn give me a work out that will kill me thats what i need

  19. DualBrainDesign says:

    Scott you are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for you fitness videos!! Absolutely my favorite on YouTube.

  20. zZsmithXx says:

    My god scott has obliques for days

  21. Mtcpajk says:

    No problem, always glad to help! Try strengthening the bulk of you core with ”pike” crunches and all other similar excercises where you have to do the raise, and also dont forget about your obliques, since they’re very important here! Hope that you master it soon! Remember you will succed if you persist long enough!
    Cheers mate!

  22. AbhirajGrewal says:

    ch ch ch…ch ..ch

  23. AbhirajGrewal says:

    yes thats true, 90% of the work for abs is the diet, but gym workout is also needed to strengthen and bring more definition. especially if you want that v-cut and lower abs.

  24. smllsk8er14 says:

    I can get the twist, but no raise… still working on it just looking for some tips! And the other thing is keeping my feet from swinging out..Thanks for the advice :]

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