What would you think would Happen if I do this?

Question by Misunderstood: What would you think would Happen if I do this?
How do you think my teacher would react, if I showed up at her classroom alone…

With my button-down shirt unbuttoned, revealing my oily pecs and sick pack abs

Be aware that this teacher has been flirting with me for months, and got angry when I didn’t reciprocate the flirting.

Would it help If I oiled my sick pack abs and pecs or no?
Seriously, I’d do whatever it takes to bang her.

School’s almost coming to an end, and I believe she won’t be working at the school next year.
I made an error, I meant “six pack abs” not “sick pack abs” lol.

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Answer by MR T
you are a tool

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  1. Well if u try that and it turns out to be the other way then what are you gonna do?try to flirt around with her and see if she likes it too slowly advance before your school gets over and if all are a positive signs from her then you can proceed.

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