Who else thinks love and marriage are overrated marketing ploys?

Question by Doctor Ham: Who else thinks love and marriage are overrated marketing ploys?
I really don’t intent to ever be in a relationship or get married. It seems to me that marriage is something everybody is forced to do because it’s on overrated cultural tradition and a way for companies to make money off of kitchy romance novels and movies. You don’t really fall in love, just in lust. And when six pack abs and tanned skin turn into a beer gut and wrinkles, you really see how much people actually “love” each other. Sure, it’s easy to fall in love when you’re young and beautiful, but once looks fade, you realize marriage and love were just made up phrases so that people can make money.

I’m 20 and I’ve never had a girlfriend and I don’t intent to ever get one. As for family, well, maybe I’ll adopt, but to me being single is much better than being at the whim of another woman for the next 50 years of my life. You never see lovey dovey old couples, because they’re sick of each other. You can only be around another person for so long.

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Answer by Pink Floyd
Soo true

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  1. Puppy Sandwich says:

    Tru dat.

  2. Come Clarity says:

    Your going to live miserably.

    Love is the most purest thing in the world, Step aside with that thought and think of all the corruption here, Whats the one thing that acts on good? Its Love, in any form.

    Marriage is an act of love, but it is society created and so is everything else in the world, besides the feeling of Love.

    Marriage may make life easier but its the only way to have a proper working society with rasing children, stable enducation and bills. Sometimes people can’t work through relationship problems and those are the people that don’t belong in a marriage.

  3. In my opinion its an honest waste of time.

  4. diabolik1908 says:

    I used to think like that, I did not have my first girlfriend or fall in love until i was 20, and im just 21 now, now she broke up with me and its the worst i have ever felt in my life. i dont care about marriage or having kids, but if i could, i would marry her tomorrow. you can’t say that until you fall in love.

  5. i yaz ya says:

    maybe it is, and i respect your views. But from the way I see it you only live once and life is about making decisions that may alter your life in a small or enormous way, marriage being an example. So I hope I have found the guy who has accepted me and I have accepted him in all aspects for years to come.

  6. Well, I don’t think the majority of people feel like they were “forced” into getting married. What you need to consider is the joy of being with someone who shares similar goals and interests in this life. Together (and individually) you build a history together that might include joint friendships, children, pets, home, businesses, charities, travel, illnesses, financial security and well… all the ups and downs that life sends our way. Sure it’s ok to go it alone – but it’s an amazing journey when you go forward with someone you truly care about – where there is mutual respect, honesty, loyalty, and a loving passionate friendship.

    My husband and I are in our 50’s… our looks are fading, but he’s the one I’m gladly going down the hill with.

  7. Finding real and meaningful love in this day and age is fast becoming a rarity. I was lucky enough to meet someone I really do love and we are getting married next year. In all honesty, I didn’t actually believe in marriage until I found someone I really cared about. We have been together almost four years now so we know we are compatible and we know our strengths and weaknesses etc. – it works! So many people today rush into marriage before they are ready and then they wonder why in a couple of years time why it didn’t work out when they are signing the divorce papers. People buy into the idealism of marriage and love – they don’t actually live and experience life, love and relationships in any real way. It is no wonder why it doesn’t last. People become bored and discontent very quickly with each other especially if they are expecting their partners to fulfill their desires and every whim. You cannot go into a relationship expecting your partner to complete you. You must be content with yourself before you can be content within a relationship. The balance is all wrong in today’s society!

  8. Jonathan says:

    I didn’t realize love was based on looks nor did I realize men had to be at the whim of their wives. I thought love was based on personality and that couples acted as one mind. Thanks for straightening things out for the yahoo community.

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