Why do I have to work harder than everyone else?

Question by Luxecashmere: Why do I have to work harder than everyone else?
I feel like I work harder than others. The main problem is that I get half the results form hard work. If other people were as commited to their diet as me they’d have six pack abs. I don’t. I’m so sick of having to do stuff over and over. I spend a long time planning an outfit and I get wear I’m going and it’s still wrong. That doesn’t happen to others. And making friends requires Hercluean efforts on my part. I’m sick of everyone else having it easier than me. I want to be able to stop wroking so hard and yet have something great to show for it.

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Answer by Not Standing For It!
Life would be oh so boring if it were easy, and you didn’t have to put any effort into it. Perhaps you are too focused on things that are shallow?

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  1. Lower your standards for yourself..it seems to me that you try too hard.

  2. big_dumb_hick says:

    Maybe you aint good at the stuff you do. Try easy stuff like coloirng books and wathcing tv. If you do good at this sutff, then move to more advanced stuff.

    Good luck

  3. Ok, you don’t know everyone so you wouldnt know if they had it easy. Or that they dont do things repeately to get the 6 pack abs. Or to make friends or get dresses up. Some people just dont SHOW that they stress over those things. Stressing brings a negative attituse, and it seems that’s what you have. I have to work very hard to be around a lot of people and be nice and chipper. I have social anxiety so for me i try very hard. Sure its frustrating at times, but I wont let people know that. I put on my smile and talk to people.
    Working out take takes a lot of time. What makes you think that the men and woman out there dont work hard for it. they are probably in the gym 4-5 days a week, even though they have full time jobs, or schooling. I think you need to stop worrying about other people and just worry about yourself. If YOU feel your working harder then other people, then thats fine. It shows you are determined and you have a strong work ethic. 😉

  4. you seem to be too hard on yourself and it sounds as if you feel the need to compete with others.
    The most important thing is to find happiness in your life and dont be so convinced that everyone has an easier life than you Im sure if you take a realistc look around yourself you will see there are many people who struggle on a day to day basis with even the simplest things in life
    Go and visit your local hospital visit the childrens cancer ward or the neo natal unit thne you will have a real idea what struggle is.
    Dont be so self critical because it only leads to self pity.
    good luck

  5. raven dismukes says:

    Please re-do this question over again. Everybody else did better. Work a little bit harder and maybe you can get the results that you are after. It’s just easier for the rest of us, we don’t have to try. It’s just not fair. We all have it made in the shade except for you and we all have never felt like we had to work as hard as you do.

    Poor you. Hurculean efforts are tiring.

  6. give youself a break, change your ways. you are much too hard on yourself.

  7. You have a common problem that a lot of people have. They wish they were smarter , stronger, better looking, rich.etc etc. All of us have certain inferiority complexes and you learn to deal with them as you get older. Things will get better for you in time. Good luck!!

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