will this get me close to a 6 pack and some chest growth in 6 weeks?

Question by thatguys09: will this get me close to a 6 pack and some chest growth in 6 weeks?
ok so im a skinny fairly out of shape guy weighing in at about 148lbs. i used to way 155 when i lifted in march and april but i got sick and missed out on alot of gym time so i am trying to get defined again. i used an online body fat calculator that came out to about 14.93 percent body fat going by waist, forearm, wrist, and hip size. here is what i am doing to get fit again.

2 days of chest and tri’s and shoulders work out a week mostly benching
2 days of back and bi’s work out a week
3 days of core a week
3 days of cardio normally a 15 minute interval run after i do my core exercise

im eating high protein and normal calories leaning towards around 2000-2200 cals a day.

if i continue this for 6 weeks could i be looking at 6 pack abs again and a larger chest, or should i expect it to take longer?

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Answer by amanda
Anybodys abs will show if their body fat is low enough.
I say yes to abs!
Maybe more bench for the chest growth though

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  1. erinlovesdan says:

    I know this isn’t your question but make sure you get enough calcium. Too much protein depletes your calcium (it will take it from your bones) so you will have a super lean and beautifully muscular body with weak bones trying to support all that hard work.

  2. yes keep it up. maybe up the calories to 2800- 3000.

  3. Steve R. Robbins says:

    You very possibly could see abs in this time. At 15% body fat you are close now. For abs to be visible your body fat must be lower than 10%. With the work out you describe, your calorie intake is okay, but could be a little lower. As far as the larger chest, no way. For starters it is almost impossible to cut fat (for abs to show) and build mass (for the larger chest) at the same time. One requires you to workout and eat less, the other to workout out and eat MORE. Decide which you want to do first and focus on that. Secondly even in a mass building phase 6 weeks is not long for a lot of mass to be built. No matter what your age or genetics a couple pounds would be very good, and it will NOT be all in the chest, nor should you want it to be. Focus on building mass for the entire body, up the calorie intake, and do this for 12 weeks. Then you can go to a cut phase where you melt the fat off to show abs and have a larger chest. This cycle should take around 16-20 weeks. Check out http://www.muscleandhealth.org for complete muscle building assistance.

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