workout questions………….?

Question by Chrisx95x: workout questions………….?
Alright i have a few workout questions i would like answered. To start with i am 14, male, and am going into 8 grade. i do not have access to a gym..
1. I have a routine of push ups i do every other day (i do pyramids to 12) is this enough? Or should i do more?
2. I am going to run every other day, but not on weekends. I am doing track in spring so this will prepare me. Is this good?
3. I have NO ab workout in mind. I do not have week abs, they are very hard, BUT i do not have a flat stomach. I dont think its what im eating, I think its just there. haha it has not gotten any fatter, its actually been decreasing a little, maybe as i get taller? i dont know, but i wold like an ab workout so i will have one for when i do get a flat stomach so i can have a six pack 😉
Thats pretty much all i got. Except for one thing, I tried doing crunches, but they dont really work out. I mean, i sometimes feel the burn, but i think im doing them wrong or somwthing like when im coming up, sometiems i feel a burn and sometimes i dont. I usually dont until like im in the 40s but even then like sometimes every other one would burn. So if there is anything else i can do feel free to say it.. I just am sick of having the geeky body and am sick of aving people push me around just cause i cant defend myself. Thanks ! :)
dude school starts wednesday im not gonna have access to the pool anymore. im going tommmorow but that may b it

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swimming is the best way of loosing wieght!!!!

I got skinny in 2 days just swimming around with friends and just having fun,

just do short periods of swims for around 20+ minutes, every day.

thats why most people that do water sports are skinny.

have you seen any fat surfers lately?

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oh that sucks, my substitute is going for 1 hour runs on the treamill which i put on 11, if your unfit then work your way up: say 15mins the first time etc.

I hate running on the treamill!!!
but it needs to be done to get a good shape,

after the horrible 1 hour runs 4 times a week for 2 months,

I get really sick of running, so i just squat for 1 hour (with favourite music), which is easier than running, and just as effective.

the only reason why i don’t squat at the start, is because doing squats for 1 hour is painfully hard, after running for a while, squatting for 1 hour will be much easier.

swimming is soo amazing and much much easier,
soo many people think diets are best, some try starving,or even running, those advertisement things you see on T.V are nothing compared to swimming.

Swimming with friends and family at a waterfall,pool,beach etc is fun.

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