Your SHF Weekly Update: V-Cut 6 Pack ABS! Join Me on Facebook, LEGS!! Kettlebell or Medicine Ball?

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  1. bigwolfbabe says:

    did u see any asian gals with V-cut????i don’t think so i have V-cut…

  2. bdtv24dotcom says:

    Holla! Have you ever tried – fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work buddy got beautiful 6 pack abs and lost a ton of weight with it.

  3. ayeehlads1234 says:

    @ScottHermanFitness respect you so much for all the work your puttin in to help people dude, helped me an awful lot, my girlfriend says thanks loll!

  4. samlohani says:

    watch this wid subtitles… lol

  5. scott how do i become a member on ur website.?

  6. rodolfochikilikuatrr says:

    I offer a WORKOUT ROUTINE + DIET PLAN that will build a big amount of muscle naturally contact me for further details and GET BIG.

  7. betrekwoman says:

    does he have a job?

  8. famoushot21 says:

    are there any workouts that really target the v?

  9. ArmourExe says:

    you look and sound like someone of American Pie lol. Nice videos!

  10. GaelRott says:

    5 star if you’re so fucking hot

  11. medicine ball

  12. 1408Zodiac says:

    lol 1:28 epic chest muscles flex

  13. CREATINE4MEN says:

    10 vegatarians

  14. formingo5345 says:

    How are you so Lean But pump soo much wouldn’t you be bigger ?

  15. TheMarine0808 says:


  16. medicine ball pls!

  17. ayeehlads1234 says:

    @ScottHermanFitness thanks alot for all these videos, amazing how you want to help all these people, your a real nice guy:)

  18. hpfanno11 says:

    scott kettle bell please!!!!!

  19. davematthewsXVII says:

    kettlebell, sir~

  20. GetSixPackNow says:

    check out how to get a six pack fast on my channel guys! no BS!

  21. GetSixPackNow says:

    check out how to get a six pack fast on my channel guys!

  22. GetSixPackNow says:

    check out how to get a six pack fast on my channel guys!

  23. KillerKay25 says:

    med ball!!!!
    ABB workout with med balls!!

  24. joeyoldskool says:

    Kettle bell first please Scott

  25. rjmag007 says:

    scott do the kettlebell workouts first!tnx!!:D

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